Hi KittyFox! I recently took the liberty of abusing a great attack from the 
Gym Heroes expansion, and the result was this deck. I hope you find it 
interesting. See ya! ;)

Name: The Rocket

Deck Name: Pain Amplifier

Strategy: I try to get out Dark Arbok out early (hopefully on turn two or 
three), using Poison Vapor to damage each of the opponent's Pokemon. 
Sabrina's Gengar comes it next, tearing up the opposition with Pain 
Amplifier! MP Mewtwo adds some backup effort, but gives the deck a big 
beat-down machine. Meanwhile, Trainers like SER and GOW distrupt your 
opponent's strategy, making it hard for them to resist Gengar's power. Bill 
and Oak add card-drawing strength, while PlusPower is great for increasing 
the damage that Dark Arbok or MP Mewtwo may do.

Deck Listing:

Pokémon (17)-

x4 Sabrina's Gastly
x2 Sabrina's Haunter
x2 Sabrina's Gengar
x4 Ekans (Team Rocket)
x3 Dark Arbok
x2 Movie Promo Mewtwo

Trainers (22)-

x4 Bill
x3 Oak
x3 Breeder
x3 Super Energy Removal
x3 PlusPower
x2 Gust of Wind
x2 Nightly Garbage Run
x2 Computer Search

Energy (21)-

x10 Grass Energy
x11 Psychic Energy
Feel the pain... FEEL THE PAIN!

Let's make sure though that our opponent's can't cry out 'no pain, no gain' as they lead themselves to a victory against your deck. We should be able to do this simply enough, just a few minor tweaks and you have yourself a very solid deck. I love the Gastly, Haunter, Gengar lineup for Sabrina. Gastly provides the stall, Haunter the mega damage, then Gengar follows up with a little spreading of the wealth. The Mewtwos also provide a solid strike in the early game when combined with Oaks or Computer Searches. What worries me about your deck is the extreme weakness you have to Psychic Pokemon. In fact, everything in your deck except for the Gastly line is weak to Psychic, but you have nothing that resists it. You may want to consider taking out either the Ekans line or the Mewtwos in favor of something that can resist those Psychic assaults... perhaps... Chansey? We'll swap out the Mewtwos for this fix in favor of the big beefy colorless critter.

Pokemon (10 Basic + 7 Evols = 17 Total):
4 Sabrina's Gastly
2 Sabrina's Haunter
2 Sabrina's Gengar
4 Ekans
3 Dark Arbok
2 Chansey

Our Energy skew must focus mostly on Grass with a little additive of Psychic for the times we can get Haunter up front with a bunch of Gastlys/Haunters/Gengars on the bench.

Energy (16 Basic + 4 Special = 20 Total):
10 Grass
6 Psychic
4 Double Colorless

Trainers for this deck mostly speak for themselves. You need card drawing and Pokemon Breeders in order to get out the Pokemon you need. Combine with Gust of Wind to disrupt and keep your opponents coming back for more. Lastly, you'll need lots of Energy manipulation in order to get back what you use up in your retreating attempts. We'll also toss a couple Energy Flow and Pokemon Centers in the mix so you can save your heavily damaged Pokemon and not lose the energy in the process.

Trainers (23 Total):
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
2 Rocket's Training Gym
3 Gust of Wind
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Energy Flow
2 Pokemon Center

May the pain be your gain!