>Griffin, just wondering if you could tweak my deck a bit.  Thanks.
>"Splinter of the Mind's Eye"
>Growlithe x4
>Arcanine x3 (one is a Promo)
>Magmar x2 (Fossil)
>Drowzee x4 (Base)
>Hypno x3
>Mewtwo x2 (the L60 kind...MP)
>Mr. Fuji x2
>Switch x2
>Professor Oak x1
>Goop Gas Attack x2
>Gust of Wind x2
>Computer Search x2
>PlusPower x2
>Fire x15
>Psychic x14
>An explanation...
>The point of this deck is to attack with decent damage and high HP.
>Arcanine deals it out to the active, then Hypno puts some pain to them on
>the bench.  I know that there are better alternatives to Hypno, but his 90
>HP and Stage 1 status helped him fit in better (plus he's not that bad of
>an attacker).  Base Drowzee...people are going to question my sanity for
>that.  But I just thing he's a better attacker than Rocket.  Magmar's there
>for stall (and attack when necessary), but Mewtwo's there for more than
>Psyburn.  I know how Fire consumes vast amounts of Energy, and 15 Fire is
>just barely enough to cover three Arcanine.  So I fitted in an Energy
>return system.  Put Mewtwo out against some weak attacker or unpowered
>whatever, then keep using Energy Absorption.  Once Mewtwo is about to be
>KO'd, just switch him back to the bench, then Fuji him and the Energy to
>your deck.  Goop Gas Attack is to stop Aerodactyl, Alakazam, and other
>Pokemon Powers from hurting this deck.  Computer Search is to help it
>operate.  Gust of Wind works in with Dark Mind...put enough damage on the
>benched guy for a quick KO, then bring him center stage.  It also can
>assist in the disabling of any Dark Vileplume (he only has 60 HP, after
>all...).  PlusPower for Arcanine vs. Snorlax (even though I don't intend on
>using Take Down often), Mewtwo vs. Krabby, etc.  The lone Professor Oak is
>just in case.


Wow! I really like this deck. It has alot of thought put into it, and a nice
strategy. On to your fix...


No promo Arcanine. Just base set ones. I'd exchange the Magmar's with
Chanseys too. They're better for stalling, and you have enough offense, so
Magmar isn't needed. Use TR Drowzee instead of base set too. Actually, I
don't really like Hypno in this deck very much. It takes up too much room,
and there's not enough Energy.


This is the deck's weak spot. Instead of using Mr Fuji for getting the
energy back, use Energy Flow! It gets it to your hand, and you won't lose
the Mewtwo either. Scrap the rest of your trainers and start over. Something
along the lines of... 4 Computer Search, 4 Professor Oak, 3 Bill, 3 No
Removal Gym, 3 Plus Power, 3 Scoop Up, 3 Gust of Wind, 3 Scoop Up, 2 Nightly
Garbage Runs.


This is WAY WAY too much. Drop your Psychic to 8, the Fire's fine though.
You need 4 DCEs too.


3 Growlithe
3 Arcanine
3 MP Mewtwo
2 Chansey
3 Computer Search
3 Scoop Up
3 No Removal Gym
3 Professor Oak
3 Plus Power
3 Bill
2 Gust of Wind
2 Nightly Garbage Run
15 Fire Energy
9 Psychic Energy

Thanks for the deck, and nice job!


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