>Hi, My name is Scott and I've been working on this deck for a long time,
>it is pretty good.  I just was wondering if you would have a look at it and
>see if you can help me improve it.
>     The deck consists of:
>     17 Electric Energy
>     03 Double Colorless
>     03 Scyther
>     03 Lt. Surge's Electabuzz (Lv. 22)
>     04 Electabuzz
>     04 Nightly Garbage Run
>     04 Pro. Oak
>     04 Computer Search
>     04 Gust of Wind
>     04 Bill
>     04 Plus Power
>     03 Scoop Up
>     03 Item Finder
>     In the beginning of the game I use the trainers like Pro. Oak and
>Computer search to get the cards I need.  Unfortunately, this requires
>a bit of discarding so I put in some nightly garbage run to keep me from
>decking my self.  They also fix my low energy problem.
>     While we are on energy, that's the reason I put the Lt. Surges
>in.  I use his charge to pull precious energy from my discard pile.  Then I
>use his electric current to charge my bench.  That way I can have anyone
>powered up by turn two.
>     That's about it, and thanks for having a look at this.  I will be
>waiting for your reply at Scott1ed@aol.com.
>                                         Sincerely, Scott


Wow! You did a really good job on making this deck! I like it, but there are
some things about it that need to be changed... Let's get started, shall we?


Hmm... The Pokemon look pretty good. You might want some Chanseys for
Bombing Wiggly though. I like the Surge's Buzz though, it's cool...


4 Nighlty Garbage Run are not needed... More like 2... Cut the Gust of Winds
to 2, and the Plus Powers to 3. You probably also want some No Removal Gyms
so ERs and SERs don't get in the way when you're charging your bench. That's
all that is needed here...


Even though it may not seem like it, 17 is too much. Try around 15 or so. I
suppose only 3 DCEs would work, since you won't attack with Scyther too
often, but I would rather have 4.


4 Electabuzz
4 Scyther
3 Lt Surge's Electabuzz
3 Chansey
4 Computer Search
4 Professor
4 Bill
3 Item Finder
3 Scoop Up
3 No Removal Gym
3 Plus Power
3 Gust of Wind
15 Electric Energy

Nice deck, and good luck in future tournaments!



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