>Hello Griffin!
>My deck:  SlowRainDance
>Pokémons: 4 Squirtle
>          3 Wartortle
>          1 Blastoise
>          4 Magikarp
>          3 Gyarados
>          2 Lapras
>          2 Articuno
>Trainers: 3 Comp. Search
>          4 Bill
>          4 Prof. Oak
>          4 Gambler
>Energy:   26 Water Energy
>Deck strategy: I think you know how a Raindance deck works...But I want to
>get my Blastoise out as fast as possible to load up my Gyarados and
>Articuno on the bench as I have Lapras as a wall. And then reatreat it and
>*boom*. Kill em all with Gyarados and Articuno. But its too slow. It takes
>years for my Blastoise to come in play. Please help with this.


This deck looks okay. Your trainers are REALLy screwed up though, that's why
you're too slow. You need alot of help with them...


YOu have too many. All these guys take up your trainer room. You don't want
the Gyaradoses, or the Magikarps, or the Wartortles. Get rid of all of them,
and get another Blastoise in there. Your Pokemon are trimmed down, now it's
time for some trainer stuff...


This is where all the help comes. You want 4 Computer Search, and like you
have, 4 Professor Oak and maybe 3 Bill instead. Cut the Gamblers though. You
also want 4 Pokemon Breeders, some Misty's Wrath, Gust of Wind, Nightly
Garbage Run, Plus Power, and maybe some Energy Removal. All of these will
help your deck greatly, and you'll be surprised with the results.


26 is too much... Cut it to 20 or 19.


4 Squirtle
4 Blastoise
3 Lapras
2 Articuno
4 Computer Search
4 Pokemon Breeder
4 Professor Oak
3 Item Finder
3 Plus Power
3 Bill
3 Gust of Wind
2 Misty's Wrath
2 Nightly Garbage Run
19 Water Energy

There ya go, your new and improved Rain Dance! Have fun!

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