>Speed Metagame in my area>Ultra Turbo(like no evolution card, Haymaker or
>Deck Strategy>Stall
>Deck Name>Speeding Stall
>4 Abra(TR)
>3 Alakazam
>1 Dark Kadabra
>3 Chansey
>3 Mr mime
>3 Tentacool(for its pokemon power)
>2 Mewtwo
>2 Pokemon Center
>2 Imposter
>2 Professor Oak
>3 Gust
>3 SER
>3 Scoop Up
>3 Computer Search
>3 Breeder
>16 Psychic
>4  Double Colourless Energy

I kinda like this deck. Stalls are kinda cool, but there are some things
here I don't like.


The Alakazam line is fine, however, I DO NOT advise using Dark Kadabra,
especially since Alakazam cannot evolve from it. Drop it, and drop the
Tentacools and Mewtwos too. Maybe add some Movie Promo or Nintendo Power
Mewtwos. You definately want Chansey to take some prizes too, oh wait, you
have Chanseys... Also, about the MP Mewtwos, you might actually want to
consider them as a MAIN part of your deck. You can absorb DCEs with them
then Energy Flow them back to your hand.


You have the right trainers, just not enough of them. You want 4 Pokemon
centers, and maybe some Energy Flows. Imposter Oaks suck too, even if you're
stalling. You want max Computer Search and Breeders too. Maybe max Scoop Ups
and SERs too. Another Oak might be good too.


This is fine. You have the perfect amount. I might change it a bit though.


16 Psychic Energy
4 TR Abra
3 Alakazam
3 Chansey
3 MP Mewtwo
4 Computer Search
4 Pokemon Center
4 Energy Flow
4 Breeder
4 Scoop Up
3 Professor Oak

This seems to work. I'm half asleep though, so if I left something out,
email me...


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