Date sent:          Fri, 22 Sep 2000 14:03:06 EDT
Subject:            My Mime School Deck

Mime School:

4x Mr. Mime
3x Abra
2x Kadabra
1x Alakazam
2x Farfetch'd
4x Squirtle
2x Wartortle
1x Articuno
3x Staryu
1x Starmie
3x Jigglypuff
1x Wigglytuff

2x Potion
1x Super Potion
3x Gust of Wind
2x Defender

12x Water Energy
13x Psychic Energy

I like to try and Get out my Mr. Mimes and use them to buy time
for me
to place basic pokemon on my bench, evolve them, and place
energy on
them, and then I use them to knock out the other person's
quickly and easily. If there is a pokemon capable of doing 20
out, and my Mr. Mime is out, I will place a defender on Mr. Mime so he
is pretty much invincible, and I can use his Pokemon Power: Invisible
Wall. If I can't do this, I will try to use my strategy as close to as
I can, usually doing the same thing except without Mr. Mime.


Ok, this comes courtesy of Crash. It really does need work.

Last note for the week before i get to it.

I will no longer be doing on the spot fixes.

Just to make sure you can read that it's quite bigger. I'm sorry, but the
online fixes are just destroying my free time.



Aside from mime and Farfetch'd this section is just a horrible mess.
It looks as though the owner is trying to make a water/psy deck but just
decided to throw in every water and psy pokemon he owns. We can eliminate
staryu's line (it stinks), squirtle line (this isn't raindance), and lastly
the Abra line as it just does not fit into the strategy of the deck. The rest
are ok.
It's getting a little past the deadline so i don't have the time to do a
pokemon by pokemon analysis here. Just wait till the listing.


Ok... no card drawing... potions... and super potions... this... is .... bad.
There's really nothing i can say but to look at the final listing.


25 energy huh? Well we know where most of trainers spots went to. Is anyone
else thinking that this just looks a little too much like a preconstructed
deck that just went horribly wrong?

Ah well, here's that listing...

Pokemon: (14)

4 Mr. Mime

2 Articuno

3 Scyther (better farfetch'd)

3 Jigglypuff
2 Wigglytuff

Trainers (28)

4 Bill
4 Oak
2 Energy Flow (the deck relies on DCE's alot)
3 Computer Search
4 Scoop up
4 Plus Power
2 Item Finder

Energy (18)

9 Water Energy
5 Psychic Energy

Looks a weeee bit better, hope that helps

Justusdux "Dux"