Help! This deck has won NOTHING!! Sure, I thought I would dominate my
friends, but no, they all copy my best friend's ideas. Then they WON!!! So,
please HELP!!!

Here's my deck:



2 Scyther

1 Pinsir

3 Bulbasaur

2 Ivysaur

1 Venusaur

4 Lickitung

4 Lt. Surge's Ratatta

3 Lt. Surge's Raticate


4 Bill

3 Professor Oak

3 Here Comes Team Rocket!

3 Nightly Garbage Run

1 Lt. Surge

2 PlusPower

2 Poke Ball


18 Grass

2 Double Colorless

Okay the aim of this deck is to play Lickitung early as a stall to evolve
Bulbasaur, By using Bill, Poke Ball and Professor Oak to find its
Evolutionary Partners. Lt. Surge is mainly for the purpose of Lt. Surge's
Ratatta and Raticate. Super Fang always needs a boost in damage, thus using
Pluspower to increase it. Then, when Venusaur is pumped up with 4 grass
energies (and when Lickitung is no more), Bring him out and SOLARBEAM!!!

Well, that's the Strategy, any questions?

See ya!

MATT ^_^


Welcome to crossover week folks. The front page probably tells you all about
it, but just in case it doesn't here's a brief explanation. Each mechanic
sends a deck to a pre-chosen mechanic, then each one fixes the deck they sent
and the deck they recieved to see the difference in style of fixing and


This is the deck i sent to spike. I chose it because it obviously needs work.


OK, scyther, pinsir and bulba line is fine. So why is lt. surges horrible
rattata line there?? You can dump that line right now. Thats seven open spots
to play with.
So up scyther up to the max (5 slots open). Add in two more Pinsir (3 left).
Add in another bulba and take out one ivy for two more venusaur. Hmm that
leaves one slot for more trainers. Ya know what, now that we have more big
basics in here i don't believe that those lickitung are all that necessary.
So out they go. Thats a total of 5 slots for more trainers.


We can eliminate alot of trainers right from the start. HCTR as it has
absolutely no purpose in here whatsoever. Lt. surge's removal shouldn't be a
surprise. And finally we gotta exchange the poke ball's for computer
searches. Also plus powers may be eliminated if we need the room.

Assuming we took out the pokeballs for CPU's that leaves us with 4 open slot
plus the other 5 we had before. Add in two more cpu's (7 left), 4 breeders (3
left) and finally add in 3 pokemon centers.

There is no energy section so we'll just include it in here. Take out two
grass energy and replace with two more DCE's. Take yet another two grass
energy and replae those with item finders. Well that leaves the plus powers
alone after all.

Here's the final listing.

Pokemon: (15)

4 Bulbasaur
1 Ivysaur
3 Venusaur

4 Scyther

3 Pinsir

Trainers: (25)

4 Bill
3 Oak
4 CPU search
4 Pokemon Breeder
3 Pokemon Center
2 Item Finder
2 Plus Power

Energy (18)

14 Grass

... Hmmm, that''s just not right. So where did i mess up?

Ha! Got it. He incorrectly marked his amount of pokemon and trainers so that
threw me off. Ok, add in another item finder and another Pokemon Center.

Hope that helps,

Justusdux "Dux"

on to crash's entry now...