Subj:    Energy - Slash
Date:   9/19/00 8:22:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Pieter Henning)

Energy - Slash Deck  

Pokèmon (14)

4 Bulbasaur
4 Ivysaur
2 Venusaur
2 Scyther
1 Pinsir

1 Chansey

Trainers (26)

2 PlusPower
3 Gust of Wind
2 Professor Oak
4 Bill
1 Item Finder
1 Energy Retrieval
4 Super Energy Removal
2 Pokèmon Breeder
3 Pokèmon Trader
4 Computer Search

Energy (20)

18 Grass Energy
2  Double Colorless Energy


This deck uses Venusaurs for their Pokèmon Power to switch energies and
their powerful attacks, Scythers and Pinsir are used for the strong Basic
Pokèmon to attack fast but effectively and a Chansey for in case you need to
stall. Trainers like Pokèmon Traders and Computer Searches make it easy for
you to find the pokèmon or trainer you need fast enough and you could
definitely give your opponent an energy shortage with all the Super Energy
Removals. The Pokèmon Breeders help you to evolve your Venusaurs fast for
their  Pokèmon Powers and the Bills would help make your hand full for other
trainers where you have to discard cards like with Item Finder or Computer
Search. The Double colorless Energies are for Scythers and Chansey.

So far this deck plays okay but any help or suggestions would be greatly
P.S. I live in South Africa where only Base set, Base set 2, Jungle and
Fossil are available yet (no Gym Heroes or Team Rocket).
If you need to E-mail me my address is <>

Pieter Henning


Ok, i got a nice headache going now ,along with about 4 hours sleep. So this
is gonna have to be a quick one.


Ok, add in two breeders by replacing two ivysaurs. Add in another venasaur by
removing yet another ivysaur. Add in three pokemon centers and take out the
three traders. Dump two energy for another chansey and another scyther.
Remove item finder and energy retrieval for one more oak and a pinsir.
Alright, sorry i couldn't go into more depth but i gotta get some sleep.

Hope that helps,

Justusdux "Dux"