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You Can't Run From the Rockets
September 6th, 2000



Name: Tony L.  


mIRC nickname (if you have one): Too many to list them all =P. J/k


Email Address: HHHnStephanie2K@aol.com     


Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced


Speed Metagame in your area: Ultra Turbo (grrr..Wiggly...grumble..Hay...)


Strategy of your deck: To force their Pokemon to sit in the active spot and
get helplessly KOed. (isn't that everyone strategy though?)


Deck Name: You Can't Run from the Rockets!


Deck Listing

Pokémon (20)

 4x Grimer (Fossil) - Gotta evolve Dark Muk from something, this guy has
decent HP though and can maybe stall if needed.
 3x Dark Muk - What's that? Scyther's retreat is 2? Electabuzz's is 4? You're
poisoned? Oy....
 4x Diglett (Rocket) - Same reason as Grimer...without the stalling
possibility =/
 3x Dark Dugtrio - Meant to sit on the bench really. Make their retreat all
the more frightening. Can do some ok damage if necessary..
 3x Rocket's Scyther - Shadow is great. 40 for 2G is better.
 3x Rocket's Hitmonchan - Can hit for some massive damage.

Trainers (25)

 4x Bill - Not used often, surprise the opponent. LOL
 3x Professor Oak - What a great card.
 4x Energy Removal - You're going to have a hard time retreating with no
 4x Super Energy Removal - Watch their confidence disappear.
 4x Rocket Sneak Attack - What are you hiding? Gimme that Oak!
 4x Nightly Garbage Run - Run low amounts of energy, save space.

Energy Types

 9x Fighting Energy - Hitmonchan needs two specific energy to attack...
 8x Grass Energy - Scyther needs one.


Other info you feel is important: I'd like to add a Gym in here somewhere.
Maybe some Item Finders too. The ideal situation is to have a Dark Muk as
your active with preferably 2 Dark Dugtrios sitting on your bench. As they
build energy to retreat or attack, remove their energy. Watch as your
opponent slowly realizes that his Active Pokemon is a sitting duck for Muk. I
really don't like Dugtrio's HP/RC ratio of 50/2 but his Pokemon Power is why
he's here.


Well I'd like to think this is semi-original but it's probably not =(...oh
well. If you get the chance to take a look at it I'd appreciate it. Thanks in

- Tony L.
"There are many players but there is only one game...." 

Hey, HHH!

Great to get a deck from you! For those of you that don't know, HHH is one of Pojo's ops on our main chat channel.  If you are interested in chatting about Pokémon, you can chat with us Here.  

Dark Muk again!  Before the Team Rocket expansion was even released, I already had my sites set on this card.  I had a lot of people tell me Dark Muk sucked, but I would not be dissuaded as to his awesomeness... As soon as it was released in English, I built my original version, and went on with this "sucky" rogue deck to win at the Dallas STS qualifier and quite a few tourneys including Rama Llama and several Pojo online tourneys.  (If you are interested in playing Pokémon online at Pojo.com, go Here.)  Now you can find Dark Muk decks all over the place as people realize the value of this awesome card.

As for your specific deck here.... hmm.... I do understand the concept of having Dk Dugtrio as a further hindrance to your opponent retreating. However, having played Dk Muk extensively, I can assure you that it just won't happen enough to justify adding the Dk Dugtrio line.  In the months I've been playing it, I've actually had someone "retreat" on me twice (both Scythers).  I've had multiple Scoops and Switches played, but Dk Dug has no effect on that anyhow.  So the space this line takes up is just not justified, I'm afraid.  If the goal is to further discourage your opponent from retreating, then Rocket's Training Gym takes up MUCH less space, plus it fulfills your Gym requirement.  However, I still think it unnecessary, and R's Training Gym will also hurt you.  I think you will be better served by some generic Gym, like Narrow Gym.


Let's take out the Dk Dugtrio line.  Dk Muk's weakness to Psychic can really hurt him since Movie Promo Mewtwo is so prevalent presently.  To counter it, we'll add Chansey and Ditto.  Be VERY careful playing Ditto if they are playing Psychic and have M2.... hold it until you can drop it with an E on it to assure you can get a first hit in.  Scoop him if necessary.  Chansey is a huge bane to M2 and other Psychic, plus a great staller while setting up.  Rocket's Scyther is a GREAT card, probably my favorite from the Gym Heroes set.  Nice choice.  Since we are dumping Duggy, let's dump R's Hitmonchan too to eliminate the need to mix your energy types and give you a big advantage by focusing your deck (plus, that would just give you a little too much weakness to Psychic).


Let's use the extra space to add in some important cards.  I honestly feel that ER is VITAL to the success of a Dk Muk deck.  Due to the popularity of No Removal Gym, you need to have some Gym card in here to counter it.  We'll go with R's Training Gym for now to fit your theme, but feel free to replace that with Narrow Gym, which is actually my first choice here.  Scoop is necessary to protect your Dittos, and will otherwise come in handy with Chansey.  Gust of Wind is also important if your opponent has M2.  I would REALLY consider making room for Comp Search and Item Finder somehow.  As you play test this deck, figure out what you don't need and replace them.


DCE works well and is added.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #15
 3 Grimer (Fossil) 
 3 Dark Muk 
 3 Rocket's Scyther 
 3 Chansey
 2 Ditto

Trainers - #28
 4 Bill 
 3 Professor Oak 
 4 Energy Removal 
 4 Super Energy Removal 
 4 Rocket Sneak Attack 
 3 Nightly Garbage Run 
 2 Scoop Up 
 2 Gust of Wind
 2 Rocket's Training Gym

Energy - #18
 14 Grass Energy 
 4 Double Colorless Energy


Best of luck, and let me know how it goes with this latest version...

 ~ Doll

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