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The Venomoth Deck That Almost Beat a Raindance
September 6, 2000




mIRC nickname (if you have one):Well...hrmmm.........aahhh....weelllll....no


Email Address: Ctaylor983@aol.com(this is my mom's)


Skill Level: (put your answer HERE)

Advanced (I regularly play DCI level tournaments..pokemon league on Friday
and Saturday..Store tournaments on every Saturday....And DCI every other
Monday and Saturday.....but I wouldn't consider myself expert)


Speed Metagame in your area: Fast to Turbo

How quick are the decks you usually play against?

Ultra turbo


Strategy of your deck: (put your answer HERE)

Trainer Disruption
Free Retreat
And Definitely Status Effect


Deck Name: "The Venomoth deck that almost beat a Raindance"


Deck Listing

4xDark Muk


4x Professor Oak
3x Bill
4x Computer Search
2x Item Finder
4x Energy Removal
4x Lass

Energy Types:
16x Grass
4x DCE


Other info you feel is important: I really like this deck but I lose 1/6
Games...I feel it isn't playing to it true potental..I fear only one
deck...Rain Dance:::hears an evil laugh in the background::::::I have trouble
with nothing else at all.  Feel free to add anything you want to my
deck....well..you know what I mean.....

Ahh.....Here they come:::::someone laughs(muhahahah)::::::hears a
scream::::Blas...blas....BLASTOISE!!!::: they are coming for
me!!!Ahhhhh:::fix my deck please....You are my only hope...nooooo!!


Hey, Taylor...

Oh, I just couldn't resist this... If the only problem you are having is with Raindance, the solution for you is so simple, you'll kick yourself for not seeing it.  3 letters..........   MUK!  Fossil, of course.  It is such a simple solution with a deck like this since you are ALREADY running Grimer!  If you see a lick of water from your opponent and even SUSPECT that he is running Raindance, you Bill, Oak, Comp. Search... whatever it takes, and you go and get a Grimer and a Fossil Muk.  End of story.  Have you ever seen how pathetic a Raindance deck is without Blatoise's Pokemon Power?!  It's a slow, torturous death for them (*evil laugh*)!!!!  This strategy also applies against Dark Vileplume, Damage Swap, Energy Transfer, or other Pokemon Power dependant decks.  Since you say you are doing well otherwise, I'll not mess much with the rest of your listing.


Just cut a couple here to make room for Fossil Muk.


Just added Switch to give you some exit in case your Dk Muk gets ER'd.  You aren't using it now, but I'd seriously consider adding Gust of Wind in here somewhere.


Dropped a Grass to make a bit of room.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #18
3 Venonat (J)
3 Venomoth (J)
3 Scyther
4 Grimer (TR)
3 Dark Muk
2 Muk (F)

Trainers - #23
4  Professor Oak
3  Bill
4  Computer Search
2  Item Finder
4  Energy Removal
4  Lass
2  Switch

Energy - #19
15 Grass


MWA haaahahaha!!!! DIE, BLASTY! 

 ~ Doll

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