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Dragon Blast
Deck Type: Non-Archetype
(I Challenge Crash Landon)
September 27, 2000


Name: Sherry
Email Address: berry@cfl.rr.com
Skill Level: Novice (can't find any DCIs)
Speed Metagame in your area: Medium
Deck Name: Dragon Blast
 Strategy of my deck:       This is my Dragon Blast deck. It     is a deck built around the Dragon Evolution line, Dark Flareon and Dark Vaporeon. The strategy is to stall with Energy Removals and Super Energy Removals until I can build up a Dragonair or a Dark Vaporeon. Then to keep the energy count low, I use attacks like Hyper Beam or Whirlpool. And if I need some hard hitting Pokemon fast I bring out a Dark Flareon by using Dark Dragonair's Pokemon Power, Evolutionary Light.
Deck Listing
3 Dratini (1 T.R.)
1 Erika's Dratini
4 Dragonair (2 T.R.)
2 Dragonite (1 T.R.)
4 Eevee (1 T.R. & 1 Promo)
2 Dark Vaporeon
2 Dark Flareon
4 Energy Removals
3 Super Energy Removals
2 Computer Search
2 Defenders
3 Professor Oaks
2 Mr. Fuji
2 Gust of Wind
11 Water
11 Fire
Thanks for Reading!!
The Eevee lover 


Hey, Skittz!

Hey, I like this Non-Archetype!  It follows a nice theme, and has a lot of substance and a thoughtful strategy behind it.  Nice job!  Let's see what we can do to tune it up. 

BTW... we are trying something new this week.  Each mech will fix a deck and then send it as a "challenge" to another mech to fix.  This week I drew Crash Landon, one of my favorite mechs!  If you'd like to see what he did with this deck, go to Crash's Shrink Tank... (hi, Crash!). 


The Dragonite lines have a fairly interesting feature in that they are the only colorless line with no weakness.  Add to that the fact that they sport a split resistance, the lower end of the line to Psychic and the Dragonite end to Fighting, and you have a nice bonus. I'm going to change all your Eevees to Promo Eevee.  Since you are taking advantage of Dark Dragonair and Dark Dragonites' search abilities to evolve your Pokemon, Promo Eevee is a perfect fit.  As you evolve your other lines, you may also use Promo Eevee's Pokemon Power, Chain Reaction, to Evolve Eevee!  You should be able to build up your lines on your bench in no time at all.  I am adding more Erika's Drats to keep your basic count up to 11 from 9, since all of your basics are low HP.  This is done to protect you from getting caught with no bench and losing your single active opener to a first turn kill.  Be sure to start off with a bench if at all possible.  Erika's Drat is a great opening active that can buy you some time to get your deck off. You may even consider adding another if it works out well for you.


Your trainers are well thought out, considering your strategy.  One important point is that you need to be prepared in case your opponent plays No Removal Gym, since this will wreck a major part of your strategy.   Celadon City Gym will reap you some rewards to help you protect your Erika's Dratini, so let's go with that.  We'll take out Defender for space.  Gust will be important because it allows you to set up and control your battles, so we'll add to that.  Energy Retrieval will allow you to lower your energy some.


I really think you can get by on lower E counts since this is mainly a colorless deck.  The Eeveelutions you chose also utilize colorless E, so I think taking your counts down as I have should work out fine.  Try them out, and see what happens... If you have any shortage and aren't losing E during play, replace the E Retrievals for 1 of each Energy.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #21
2 Dratini
2 Dragonair
1 Dragonite

2 Dratini TR
2 Dark Dragonair
1 Dark Dragonite

3 Erika's Dratini

4 Eevee Promo
2 Dark Flareon
2 Dark Vaporeon

Trainers - #21
4 Energy Removals
3 Super Energy Removals
2 Computer Search
3 Professor Oaks
2 Mr. Fuji
3 Gust of Wind
2 Celadon City Gym
2 Energy Retrieval

Energy - #
7 Fire
7 Water
4 Double Colorless Energy


And there ya have it!  [You know, I'd give Crash the same line I gave Scott last week in our challenge, but from what I hear, Crash may very well BE cuter than I am! *dang!*]

 ~ Doll

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