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Itchy Fish
(Souper Challenges Me)
September 27, 2000


When I first looked at Misty's Tentacruel, the rare in the pack, I was almost
ready to kill someone.  40 HP?  No attacks that do any damage?  What a rip! 
Then I got to looking at it carefully... Mysteriouse Light is a colorless
attack that may put things to sleep.  Eh... its ok.  Then I read Jellyfish
Pod, and then I RE-read it... for 1 colorless and 1 water energy you can
search your deck for ANY NUMBER of Tentacool, Tentacruel, Misty's Tentacool,
and/or Misty's Tentacruel.  THATS AWSOME!  And with a free retreat cost? 
SWEET!!!  Then that nice little ball of puff that looks like Kirby popped
into my mind... well, at least his evolution, Wigglytuff, came to mind. 
Combo in the making!  I call my deck Itchy Fish, named after the best Pearl
Jam tribute band ever.  Itchy Fish, Jellyfish Sting attack... get it?  Never
mind... here we go!

Itchy Fish

Pokémon (21)

4x  Misty's Tentacool (Lv. 12) (Gym Heroes)
3x  Misty's Tentacruel (Lv. 30) (Gym Heroes)
3x  Tentacool (Fossil)
2x  Tentacruel (Fossil)
4x  Misty's Seel (Lv. 20) (Gym Heores)

3x  Jigglypuff (Jungle)
2x  Wigglytuff (Jungle)

Trainers (15)

3x  Misty (Gym Heroes)
2x  PlusPower (Base 1)
2x  Full Heal (Base 1)
3x  Pokémon Trader (Base 1)
2x  Super Potion (Base 1)
3x  Energy Removal (Base 1)

Energy (24)
24x Water Energy

The main idea of the deck is obviouse, I hope.  Get Jiggly and Wiggly on the
bench as quick as you can, using the Pokémon Traders, then fill up your bench
with Tentacool and Tentacruel.  If you are having problems finding Jiggly and
Wiggly, have Misty's Tentacruel as your active and use the Jellyfish Sting
attack, coupled with PlusPower and the oh- so- powerful Misty trainer.  This
deck is built around speed, and obviously needs some help.  DCE's are a must,
but all mine are currently in use.  Full Heals and Super Potions are self-
explanitory, and the basic Energy Removal is just there for annoyance.  As
for the Seels, get them out early for some good deffense.  The cool thing
about this deck is that everyone (Except Wiggly) has either a 1 or 0 retreat
cost, making it easy to get who you want as your active.  Please gimme some
help here, thanks alot for you time, and keep up the good work!


Hey, Mike...

The very cool Souper sent your deck on over to me as a Challenge fix, so you get 2 fixes for the price of one this week!  Think of all the money you saved!  ....wait a minute.... this service is free (hehe).  Anyhow, I liked this deck!  Misty's Tentacool's Pokemon Power is just abusable in the right deck, and this may just be the one. Plus, you have the advantage of thinning our your deck and leaving more useful cards available for you to draw.... cool!


Ya know.... Fossil Tentacruel just plain sucks.  He's really unnecessary, so let's dump him.  And another thought here:  Fossil Tentacool has a really nifty Pokemon Power, Cowardice, that let's you scoop him back to your hand at anytime after the turn you play him.  So if he gets damaged or if you draw a Pokemon basic that you'd rather have on the bench (like a Jigglypuff), just sweep him back to your hand.  Pretty cool!  At the same time, you do have to protect him since he only has 30 HP.  I'm going to take down your Misty's Seel by one, and add more Jigglys and Wigglys into the slots created.


At first I had added all Oaks as a search engine. But then I thought, "Hmmm... you know, after you search your library and fill your hand with Tenta-stuff, you are going to have a huge hand!"  I think I have a better idea.  Instead of Oak, let's try Sabrina's Gaze, which lets you shuffle that huge hand back into your library and draw the same number of cards (you can then thin your deck again if you so desire).  I really think this will work great with this deck.  If it just bombs, switch them to Oaks, but I don't think it will.  I'm switching out the random Energy Removals, the Full Heals and the Super Potion for more useful trainers.  No Removal Gym is a must in a Wigglytuff deck, or you are subject to the whims of Super Energy Removal.  Gust of Wind is also vital to give you the pairings that are most advantageous to you.  And we'll throw in a couple of Sneak Attacks to let you strip your opponent of Oaks, Gusts or other cards harmful to your situation.


Double Colorless Energy is a must with Wigglytuff in order to get him off quickly.  We can also reduce the amount of water here, as you are not losing much to removal or retreating.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #21
4 Misty's Tentacool (Lv. 12) (Gym Heroes)
3 Misty's Tentacruel (Lv. 30) (Gym Heroes)
3 Tentacool (Fossil)
3 Misty's Seel (Lv. 20) (Gym Heroes)
4 Jigglypuff
4 Wigglytuff 

Trainers - #18
3 Sabrina's Gaze
1 Professor Oak
3 Misty 
3 PlusPower 
3 Pokémon Trader 
3 Gust of Wind
2 No Removal Gym
2 Rocket Sneak Attack

Energy - #20
15 Water Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy


Hope this works well for you, Mike!  Best of luck!  [Souper, this was a nice challenge! Thanks!]

 ~ Doll

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