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Misty's Anger
September 20, 2000


Name: Dan

mIRC nickname (if you have one): none.

Email Address: cascadecerulean@aol.com

Skill Level: novice

Speed Metagame in your area: medium

Strategy of your deck: beatdown/stall

Deck Name: Misty's Anger

Deck Listing


Misty's Staryu 4
Misty's Starmie 3
Misty's Poliwag 4
Misty's Poliwhirl 3
Misty's Tentacool 4 ( 1 is the rare version! )
Misty's Tentacruel 3


Pluspower 4
Defender 4
Prof. Oak 3
Bill 3
Misty 4
Energy Types

water 20

Other info you feel is important: I don't really know how to fix this deck I
know it needs a little help. so far It's only bad against wiggly decks!

Hey, Dan...

Cool deck!  It's always fun to see a player made theme deck come through.  We'll stick with the theme, and give you some recourse against that big ol' nasty, Wiggly.


Since they fit the theme so well, we will only change a couple numbers to make a little room for trainers.  I would really concentrate on Misty's Poliwhirl as your beatdown, loading him up with lots of Energy. 


We'll adjust some numbers here and make a few changes.  Anti Wigglytuff will be Super Energy Removals.... Gust him up naked and beat the tar outta him while the beating is good.  Cerulean City Gym will give your Misty's Pokemon 1 less retreat cost, which may really come in handy.  This Gym can also be used to get rid of a No Removal Gym if you need to SER a Wiggly.  I'm recommending Energy Flow, in case you get your Poliwhirl loaded up and are about to lose him... flow his energy back into your hand.


Since we are adding Energy Flow, we can reduce your energy a little.  I'm also adding in 2 Full Heal Energies, which should help against a Wigglytuff using lullaby against you.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #18
3 Misty's Staryu 
2 Misty's Starmie 
4 Misty's Poliwag 
3 Misty's Poliwhirl 
2 Misty's Tentacool (common)
1 Misty's Tentacool (rare)
3 Misty's Tentacruel 

Trainers - #24
3 PlusPower 
4 Prof. Oak 
3 Bill 
3 Misty
4 Super Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind
2 Cerulean City Gym
2 Energy Flow
1 Scoop Up

Energy - #18
16 Water Energy
2 Full Heal Energy


Have fun!

 ~ Doll

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