Okay! It's time for the second Theme Challenge! This one is
at the request of my sister.
        My sister, who is 11 years old, is a diehard Sailor Moon fan.
In the span of several years of her watching the show religiously
each afternoon, she has turned me into something of a fan too. i
admit that even though I'm 24, male and a football fan, the Sailor
Moon show isn't that awful to watch. It's nowhere near as stupid as
Reboot is.
        Anyhow, here's your challenge. I suppose this only pertains
to those familiar with the Sailor Moon universe, but from the
popularity it seems to cultivate, I'm sure there's tons of you out
there. Maybe some girls will have fun with this challenge.
         Construct me a legal Sailor Moon deck. Try and incorporate
as much of the Sailor Moon world as you can. It may be a bit
tough, but last week's challenge was pretty easy. I'll allow you to
get really creative and loose in your references.
        I want to see some really good decks this week! There's a
lotta cool references in Sailor Moon that can cross over into
Pokemon. Just to prove it can be done, I'll post my version of a
Sailor Moon theme deck next week with all the others.

         Remember the rules of the Theme Challenge! If you can't
recall themall, feel free to check back and refresh your memory.
The most important rules is to put the word THEME into the
subject header. That way I don't think it's just another regular deck.
Be sure to explain your references. That always helps me.

       Ok, bust open those binders and get to work! I'm expecting
some really awesome decks this week.

                     Good Luck!!
                  Dr. Crash Landon