Welcome to the office, everyone. Yeah, I know it looks kind of
dark and disused this week. There's reason for that.
     I have not had time to fix many decks at all this week. My
mother became extremely ill this past Friday and her condition isn't
improving as well as as my family and the doctors had hoped.
She's not deathly ill, but she is currently incapable of doing many
things for herself. For this reason, I've been away from the office
this past week, and may not be here much this upcoming week
    I don't want anyone to worry about me. I feel very good and am
doing just fine. However, watching over my mother's pets,
household, bills and spending time with her in the hospital is
keeping me extremely busy. If anyone is genuinely concerned for
her well being, I thank you, but don't flood my e-mail with
messages asking me how she is, please.
    Due to this unforeseen complication, I cannot spend much time
writing humor into the fixes this week. I hope nobody minds. As
soon as things get a little less stressful for me, I'll be back, funny
as ever, or weird as ever, whichever you think is more accurate.

   However, my problems are no excuse for not trying to help those
whose decks need assistance, so I'll still provide the regular fixes
and the Theme Challenge as promised.
   In the Deck Garage this week, we're doing something special.
Each Deck Mechanic is sharing a deck fix with another Mechanic.
This deck here is also being fixed by Doll. You can find it in Doll's
House as well
   This link will get you there to compare fixes. So let's see this
dual deck fix now. Here's my half.


Name: Sherry
Skill Level: Novice (can't find any DCIs)
Speed Metagame in your area: Medium

Deck Name: Dragon Blast
 Strategy of my deck:       This is my Dragon Blast deck. It     is a
 deck built around the Dragon Evolution line, Dark Flareon and Dark
 Vaporeon. The strategy is to stall with Energy Removals and Super
 Energy Removals until I can build up a Dragonair or a Dark
 Then to keep the energy count low, I use attacks like Hyper Beam
 Whirlpool. And if I need some hard hitting Pokemon fast I bring out
 Dark Flareon by using Dark Dragonair's Pokemon Power,

Deck Listing

3 Dratini (1 T.R.)
1 Erika's Dratini
4 Dragonair (2 T.R.)
2 Dragonite (1 T.R.)
4 Eevee (1 T.R. & 1 Promo)

2 Dark Vaporeon

2 Dark Flareon

4 Energy Removals
3 Super Energy Removals
2 Computer Search
2 Defenders
3 Professor Oaks
2 Mr. Fuji
2 Gust of Wind

11 Water
11 Fire

Thanks for Reading!!

The Eevee lover

    As per Doll's requirements this week, this is a Non-Archetype
fix. I'm not going to turn this into any Haymaker or Wigglytuff decks
or nothing like that.

     You are right, you do need more Basic Pokemon in this deck.
That's not a really hard thing to take care of. A few Chanseys make
an excellent stall in the beginning and they just laugh at damage.
Thier Retreat is way low for a great Pokemon like that too.
      Since many decks use lots of Big Basic Pokemon, a couple
more Erika's Dratini would be a good idea too. They make very
good walls against Promo Mewtwos and Jynxes especially. Of
course they're just as good against Hitmonchans and Scythers.
      The Dark Vaporeons are a cool idea to go with Dragonair.
Whirlpool is effective and Bite is a nice Colorless attack.
      Dragonair is an okay balance and the fact that it has no
Weakness is very nice. It's attacks tend to be costly, but with
some Double Colorless Energy, it's not so bad.
      I'd avoid putting in any Dragonites. The deck will function just
fine without them. With 2 Evolutions as it is, I think you'll be much
better off working with 2 Stage 1's rather than a Stage 1 and a
Stage 2. All the Dragonite cards are only average, so there's little
reason to bother.

     The Trainers will make this deck really work. You've got some
good abilities in your Pokemon. Now it's time to help them out.
     Start with a complete regimen of Bills and Oaks. They're crucial.
     Next we'll add some Computer Searches. Early on they're
extremely useful and in the middle of the game they can make a
pivotal play happen.
     I'm going to give you 3 Energy Removals. I'm only saying 3
since you can duplicate this ability every turn with Dragonair and
Dark Vaporeon. I'd also keep away from the Super Energy
Removals. Your Evolutions need a fair amount of Energy, so you
shouldn't be wasting yours.
      Once you have a Dragonair or Vaporeon in place, the next card
you should drop is No Removal Gym. This will keep you from
getting your Energy taken away too much, while you'll be free to
use your Pokemon's abilities to do the same. Having a Gym in
your deck also keeps other Gyms from messing up your game too
much, like Narrow Gym or The Rocket's Training Gym, which is
just evil.
     Some Gusts of Wind will keep you with the advantage, as will
some Rocket Sneak Attacks to keep your opponent's hand Trainer
free. Oaks and Bills can be No Removal Gym's worst nightmare.
    Nightly Garbage Run will get back any Energy you happen to
lose. Or Pokemon for that matter.

     I think you had too much energy too. 26 is a lot, even for
Pokemon like Dragonair. 20 will be just fine. You only need Water
Energy in the deck, aside from the Double Colorless Energies.
    I'd also add in some Potion Energies to help out the Dratinis and
Eevees. Full Heal Energies are extremely useful too with all the
Colorless Pokemon in this deck.

      Here's how I'd fix the deck: Go see Doll's fix for another look at
how someone else would do it. You might be surprised at the
differing approaches.

         3 Chanseys
         3 Eevees (TR)
         2 Dark Vaporeons
         3 Dratinis (TR)
         2 Dragonairs
         3 Erika's Dratinis

         4 Bills
         3 Professor Oaks
         3 Computer Searches
         3 Energy Removals
         3 No Removal Gyms
         3 Gusts of Wind
         3 Rocket Sneak Attacks
         2 Nightly Garbage Runs

         4 Double Colorless Energy
         4 Potion Energy
         4 Full Heal Energy
         8 Water Energy

          And Voila! (That's French for "I like them! I like green eggs
and ham, Sam I Am!) This deck can create quite a vicious little
scenario. You can stall with Chanseys and Erika's Dratinis when
needed. You can then come out with an Energy removing
Pokemon like Dragonair and start sapping the opponent's Energy.
Using your Gusts of Wind and Sneak Attacks will play a large part
in how the deck works. Timed correctly, you can keep Energyless
Pokemon out to fight and keep damaging Trainers out of your
opponent's hand.
       Be sure to check Doll's House for the alternate fix to this
deck. You might even be inclined to combine our strategies for one
really powerful deck. Who knows. Either way, a second opinion is
always good.
      I'll return next week with more lunacy, hopefully. I'm just too
drained and occupied this time around. Until then....

             Good Luck!!
          Dr. Crash Landon