Hey loyal readers. I've been cleaning out the closet here in the
office. I had no idea how much junk from the past was crammed
into this thing.
Do you recall that scene from Uncle Buck wherein the bowling
ball falls out from the top shelf and wallops John Candy right in the
head? Well, that nearly happened to me. That should give you
some impression of what kind of mess I'm dealing with.

Hey, here's my secretary's old motor scooter. Too bad she's
still on that Survivor show in Beverly Hills, or I'd have her take it
home. She was all happy the day she bought it. She drove it
straight into the building, wearing an aviator's helmet, driving gloves
and scarf. She took this thing into the elevator all the way up here
she was so paranoid of someone running off with it. She thought it
was the greatest thing since self-slicing bread until I told her it
looked just like the one driven by Pee-Wee Herman in that movie of
his. She looked at me blankly, then just stared at the scooter for
an hour. She never touched it again. I guess she hates Pee-Wee. I
think he's kind of funny, in a third-grade sort of way.

Hmmm. Here's the obedience helmet I got for Hypno during his
credit card fraud phase. The idea was that the helmet would read
his surface thoughts and whenever Hypno got an illegal notion, he
would receive a jolt of electricity in his cerebral cortex. It worked for
about a day, until I kept finding him struggling for air with his head
in the fish tank, hoping to short the helmet out. Out of concern for
my fish, more than Hypno, I let him remove it. Three stolen credit
cards later, he finally gave up the habit. He still has an interesting
twitch in his left eye though.

There's my bologna sandwich from July. I wondered where that
went to. PHEW!! I'll have Trish handle that, not me.

Boy that sandwich reeked. I should allow the closet to air
out some. In the meantime, I'll fix your deck. How's that sound? I'll
bet you were wondering when I'd get around to it. Well step into my
office and I'll get cracking.


I play an active-stall style deck using mr. mime,sabrina's venomoth and
mewtwo to stall and dark hypno,scyther and team rocket's meowth to attack.
Mewtwo also gets my energy back with the help of energy flow.
well here's my deck Evil Eye

23 Energy
15 Psychic
8 Grass

20 Pokemon
2 Venonat,1 Venomoth
3 Drowzee (1 base 2 tr),1 Hypno,1 Dark Hypno
2 Sabrina's Venonat,1 Sabrina's Venomoth
2 Mr.mime
2 Mewtwo (movie promo)
2 Mew
1 Scyther
2 Team Rocket's Meowth

17 Trainers
2 Super Energy Removal
4 Energy Removal
2 Energy Flow
2 Scoop Up
2 Gambler
1 Lass
1 Mr. fuji
1 secret mission
1 computer search

Thank you for looking at my deck,i hope you can make it better

     Not bad. Needs work though. You're headed in the right
direction though. There is an overload of Pokemon though. 20 is
somewhat too much if you want to compete with the average deck.
Let me see what I'd do here.

          Pokemon: I have no clue what you're trying to do with that
Team Rocket Meowth. Therefore, he's history.
As for the rest of the Pokemon, you don't have enough of
any of them to make a difference. You may as well be using
Tangelas and Slowbros if you're not going to bother with multiples
of your Evolutions like Venomoth.
There are also too many Evolutions trying to compete at once
in this deck. You have Sabrina's Venemoth, Venemoth and Dark
Hypno and while none of them suck, it's just too much for one deck.
So what do we keep? Well there's a lot of Psychic Pokemon 
out there and Dark Hypno only has 60 points. I'm afraid he's
Mewtwo bait right now.
This leaves the Veenmoth pairing and honestly, I'm pretty keen
on these two right now. They work very well together. Sabrina's
Venonat is alos quite nice since it can remove Energy.
Promo Mewtwo is also a battle tested Pokemon, so he'll stay.
Everyone else will have to go because of space restrictions.

Trainerwise, it's a similar story. Maybe it's just a lack of card
supply and you forgot to mention anything. But since I can't be
sure, i'll have to assume you can at least get more cards or trade
for what you need. Either way, you need to have multiples of
important cards like Computer Search.
You have absolutely no card drawing power. Well, there IS
Gambler, but that's so hit and miss, I don't count it. I personally
have grown to dislike Gambler.
What you MUST have in pretty much every deck you build is 4
Bills and at least 2 Professor Oaks, if not more. Multiple Computer
Searches are needed too.
I have no idea why you placed Secret Mission into this deck. It
doesn't really accomplish much. Mr. Fuji's not a bad card, but
there are better options available, so I'm removing it as well.
What you do need is Gust of Wind. This card is irreplaceable.
Defense, offense, mind games. It doesn't matter. Gust of Wind is
one of the best cards the Pokemon CCG will ever see. Use 4 of
them and you will not be sorry.
       I am intrigued by Energy Flow in here. Therefore, to quote
Mills Lane, "I'll allow it." I can see potential for it's use with Promo
Mewtwo and Super Energy Removals.
There should be more Energy Removal in this deck too. Energy
won't be a big problem for you in most matches, so capitalize by
depleting the opponent's stock as much as you can.

As for Energy, you're a bit overstocked. Reduce it to about 18,
since you have Mewtwo and Nightly Garbage Runs. You've got
Energy looping all over the place. Don't worry about running light.

Allow me to show you what I'd do here.

4 Sabrina's Venonat (Poison AND Energy Removal? WOW!)
3 Sabrina's Venomoth
3 Venonat
2 Venomoth
3romo Mewtwo

4 Bills
3 Professor Oaks
3 Computer Searches
3 Nightly Garbage Runs
4 Gusts of Wind
4 Super Energy Removals
2 Scoop Ups
2 Energy Flows
2 Item Finders

8 Psychic Energy
7 Grass Energy
3 Full Heal Energy

And Voila! (That's French for "You're standing on my foot.")
This deck has been refined into an evil status effect monster with a
lot of combo potential. I'm a big fan of any Venemoth and WOTC
has yet to release a lame one, so I like this deck in particular and
will probably build one close to it soon.
Retreating won't be much of an issue in this deck. Mewtwo
can find his own Energy for Retreating and the rest have one or no
Retreat cost. You'll be relying upon coin flips for that status, but
thankfully, you get numerous attempts. They're worth going for.

          Now that I've taken care of the deck, I can get back to
cleaning out the closet.

Well, here's an item from the past. Anyone familiar with
Dire Straits? Didn't think so...well they were a popular group in the
80's although they weren't really New Wave or anything. Well, I've
got here an old Sultans of Swing album in vinyl. You know, vinyl?
BEFORE tapes and CD's? Eh, well anyhow, it must have wound up
in here when my secretary and I were fighting over whose music
got put into the jukebox. I think I'll put it in and listen..EWWWW!
There's a bologna sandwich in here!!!


Did you put the sandwich in here? Why? Because you didn't
want it to stink up the trash can? Oh, THAT"S sound reasoning. So
why put in my Dire Straits album jacket?

Because they already stink?

Ohhh, you are on thin ice missy. Go away!

Good Luck!!
Dr. Crash "Money For Nothing" Landon