Hello all. This isn't a deck fix. Nope. I was totally unnecessary for
this one. Sometimes people submit their decks just to see if we
can spot any potential problems they cannot. This is perfectly
acceptable, and I encourage you to send decks that already look
good, because, you never know. I might just see something.
   Not this time though. Here, take a look.

Hello, Doc! This is a deck I've been looking forward to building for months,
and since the release of Gym Heroes, I was finally able to! So far, it's only
been through about five battles, but it hasn't lost yet. I just wanted to
give it a run through a real expert before I enter it into a real tournament.
So, without further adieu, here's my deck: Sonic Shadows.

4x -- Sabrina's Venonat
3x -- Sabrina's Venomoth
3x -- Scyther
3x -- Rocket's Scyther
2x -- Ditto
3x -- Nightly Garbage Run
4x -- Bill
3x -- Professor Oak
4x -- Gust of Wind
3x -- Computer Search
4x -- Energy Removal
4x -- Super Energy Removal
8x -- Grass Energy
8x -- Psychic Energy
4x -- Double Colorless Energy

Sabrina's Venomoth is the star of the deck, with its two awesome attacks.
After using Sonic Distortion to confuse, and draining the defender's energy,
Healing Pollen can heal all of the Pokémon you have in play. Between that and
Rocket's Scyther's Shadow Images technique, it becomes very hard for damage
to stay on your side of the board. Scyther is in for all of its obvious
strong points--which are made even better by the Grass energy, and Ditto is
mainly to run interference for Fire decks, which see quite a bit more play in
my area than in most. I do realize that most everything in the deck is
considered "Wiggly bait" but it usually isn't a problem with all of the
removaling. Well, I shall let you to your work, Doctor Landon. Ja ne!

--> I can't see any big problems in this deck. It's been well
thought out. If I were to recommend anything, it would be to lose a
couple Energy Removals for some Item Finders. Item Finder is a
pretty good all-purpose card and this deck would certainly
benefit.You may be able to get away with less Energy, since
retreat costs are pretty low and so are attack costs. If you want,
try a couple Scoop Ups as insurance too. Rocket Sneak Attack
would also fit nicely.
          I just wanted to post this deck as a way of saying "Way to
Go" to it's creator, DuoMaxwelllXI. I like the deck a lot and wouldn't
mess too much with it, if at all. Sometimes I just post well built
decks much like teachers give out gold stars.
If anyone else is looking for an interesting non-archetype
deck to experiment with, I strongly advise you try something like
DuoMaxwelllXI's deck here. The strategy is very solid and the cards
are well balanced.
          Good job!!

                      And Good Luck!!
  Dr. Crash Landon