All right, hit the showers! Week one is over and
done with. Might I say, the response was
overwhelming. The first Theme Challenge was
apparently a success and there quite a few creative
people out there who like football more than myself.
Let's see some of the best examples from the

Here's a deck from Pugdog57

 Hi this is my football deck and today the Buffalo Bills
Lets take a look at the lineup:The Bills Big Blitz deck
Pokemon 3Tauros(doesn't he look like the Bill's logo)
    3Jungle Jigglypuff(Pound your opponent into the
ground on a sack)
    2Wigglytuff(support from the bench)
    4Scyther(2 minute drill fast and effecient)
    3Rocket's Scyther(he dodges one tackler and
    3Lickitung(team blocker)
Trainers        2 Professor Oak(need a smart coach)
    4Bill(name says it all)
    2Computer Search(get the play you need)
    3Gust of Wind(bring out the QB)
    2Pokemon Flute(Flutie)
    2Energy Removal(take away the big plays)
    1Super Energy Removal(take away the big big big
    2Rocket's Sneak Attack(more play removing)
    2Pluspower(need the power to make the plays)
Energies    4Double Colorless
So the Bills are ready for the seaon opener and I'll
see you later

---> Not bad. As I said, I'm a sucker for anything
using the Buffalo Bills as a reference. You did fail to
notice the sheer audience participation power of
Wigglytuff's "Do the Wave" attack. I won't hold that
against you thoughsince you used Tauros as the Bills

Here's another deck from Kenneth Connely.

 It's Kenny.  I'll put the cards reason at the bottom.
     pokemon 30
     4 Snorlax                           Energy 25
     4 TR Abra                           7 psychic
     3 Alakazam                          18 fighting
     3 Doduo
     4 base set Machop
     3 Machoke
     2 Machamp
     4 Hitmonchan
     3 Tauros
       trainer 5
       3 pokemon breeder
       2 bill
    The guards and tackles are the 4 Snorlax.  Since
they are heavy at
1,014 pounds the defense won't be able to move
except to the ends.  By
then the Quarterback will have thrown it or the
running back has got a
first down!!!  Then when the defense entirely lines up
on the sides open
a space in the Snorlax line just enough to send wide
receivers through
the middle of the line and THROW FOR A
TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!  YES!!!!!!  On to
the next pokemon, Abra and Alakazam!  Abra is just
to play Alakazam.
Since Alakazam is so smart he's the head coach.

---> Interesting. I liked this one because he actually
described the playbook strategy, which was unique.
Snorlax IS the ultimate linebacker.

The last deck comes from Michael, who is a
deprived child because he apparently does not
posess a last name.

Hey This is a deck for the football it
3-Mr..Mime(He's Kinda like the ref)
3-Pinsir(Linebacker he tackles everyone)
3-Snorlax(like Wade Phillips)
3-Rocket Snorlax(See Snorlax)
3-Sabrina's Mr..Mime(See Mr..Mime)
10-Psy Energy
6-Grass Energy
4-Pokémon Flute(F-L-U-T-I-E)
4-Lass(The Cheerleader)
4-Defender(The Defender)
1-Gambler(4 and 1......Time to gamble!!)
4-Blaine's Gamble(Call it in the air)
4-Bill-(Gain of 2 yards.....First down!!)
4-Prof..Oak(Gain of 7......Touchdown!!!)
Well thats it hope you like it

--> Those are some interesting references to football.
Nice interpretations of Bill and Oak. I of course like
the Flutie reference, :), but just what are you
implying about Wade Phillips?? He's not that fat.
Certainly not as huge as 6 Snorlaxes. That's Junior

Well that wraps up the first Theme Challenge.
Check back next week for an all new challenge to
keep you occupied. Good luck and thanks for making
the first week so great everyone!

               Good Luck!!
              Dr. Crash Landon