I'm kicking off a brand new feature here in the Shrink Tank. The
Theme Challenge.
      Before you go any further, I suggest you backtrack a page and
read my intro section, if you haven't already, containing how the
Challenge will work and all the rules for submission. Do this now.
I'll wait.

       La la la. (Checks watch)

   Ok, good. Now we're up to speed.

       Well, I may as well jump in head first and announce the first
topic. It's a pretty easy one.

          This week's Theme Challenge is:

              The NFL

     I'm a HUGE football freak. I love every aspect of the game. I
personally would love to see a football themed Pokemon deck. So
go to it. Make me and Tom Landry proud.

             Bonus Points: Find a way to include the Buffalo Bills if
you can. I live right outside Buffalo, so naturally, they're my favorite.
Here's a hint...Pokemon Flute reminds you of which player?

            Ok! You've got your assignment. Line up in the nickel
defense, watch your zones and, by all means, cover the spread.

             Remember the rules! If you forget, they'll be there!

                  Now have fun! Hike!

                               Dr. Crash Landon