Hey all, today I'm going to do something different. Pojo's own article writer RaNd0m has been drafted to help with this fix, so enjoy!

JonSchweppe:  Hi  all Pojo ppl :P  
JonSchweppe:  Man, this deck is in for it. _The worst_
JonSchweppe:  here we go...

NeoQueenJen:  lol, feel all speshul fixin a deck, eh?
JonSchweppe:  Yes!
JonSchweppe:  I haven't ever done this
JonSchweppe:  well, I did once, but regardless.

NeoQueenJen:  lol
JonSchweppe:  See, in my job, I just WRITE... you get to do it all.. :P
JonSchweppe:  Why don't you post the deck list for the nice people out there?
JonSchweppe:  :P

NeoQueenJen:  4xMachop(LC)
2xLight Machoke(N De)
1xLight Machamp(N De)
2xDK Wartortle(LC)
1xDK Blastoise(LC)
1xHitmontop(N DE)
1xHitmonchan(N DE)
1xHitmonlee(N De)
4xSeel(N De)
1xLight Dewgong(N De)



4xBreeder Fields  
NeoQueenJen:  there we are
JonSchweppe:  hrhrhr =\
NeoQueenJen:  half the deck is pokeys....
NeoQueenJen:  =\
JonSchweppe:  yeah, 33 pokemon
JonSchweppe:  =\
JonSchweppe:  Well, I think this deck looks ok
JonSchweppe:  wait, no I don't
JonSchweppe:  regardless.
JonSchweppe:  We need to center it.

NeoQueenJen:  yes
JonSchweppe:  Some of those cards don't even EXIST!
JonSchweppe:  Blastoise (LC)?
JonSchweppe:  rofl...
JonSchweppe:  ;\
JonSchweppe:  ok, I think we need to focus on the dark blastoise
JonSchweppe:  so let's scrap ALL the pokemon.
JonSchweppe:  Right?

NeoQueenJen:  yes, start over, lol
JonSchweppe:  ok ;x
JonSchweppe: so we obviously need 3 cleffa.

NeoQueenJen:  we've got 33 spaces......
JonSchweppe:  I like the 4 rogue, but... we better make itdown to 2.
JonSchweppe:  etc.
JonSchweppe:  =\
JonSchweppe:  We need to focus this like, on the water part.

NeoQueenJen:  lol, I think we should have 4 cleffi and 1 rouge, but dat's just me........
JonSchweppe:  So we have 3 Cleffa, 2 Tyrogue, 4 Squirtle(LC), 4 Dark Wartortle (LC), 4 Dark Blastoise (LC)
JonSchweppe: WHAT?
JonSchweppe:  ...1 rogue...
JonSchweppe:  ohhh...

NeoQueenJen:  j/k ;p
JonSchweppe:  HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT!?!
JonSchweppe:  X_X
JonSchweppe:  ok good.
JonSchweppe:  geez.

JonSchweppe:  :P
JonSchweppe:  regardless.
JonSchweppe:  So, what do the pokemon come out to anyway? :P

NeoQueenJen:  base squirt can get elekid'd =\
NeoQueenJen:  hang on, lemme count...
JonSchweppe:  yeah...
JonSchweppe:  isn't there an EXPEDITION squirtle now?

NeoQueenJen: yeah, I think so......
JonSchweppe:  that has FIFTY hp? :O
JonSchweppe: Hm.

JonSchweppe:  Well in that case.
JonSchweppe:  We need a tech elekid probably
JonSchweppe:  since it's simply THE BEST
JonSchweppe:  ;\

NeoQueenJen:  bad joke =\
JonSchweppe:  and definitely a caterpie from neo2 for those gatrs
JonSchweppe:  I've got 19 pokemon

NeoQueenJen: mmmkay…
JonSchweppe:  regardless...
JonSchweppe:  ;x

NeoQueenJen:  so 1 kid and 1 caterpie then?
JonSchweppe:  see, in my opinion, a good deck has lots of TecH! :O
JonSchweppe:  yeah 1 kid and 1 caterpie
JonSchweppe:  :P
JonSchweppe:  and HOPE you don't go against those new nasty typhlosion decks X_X
JonSchweppe:  with that caterpie active.
JonSchweppe:  X_X

JonSchweppe:  Have you seen that new typhlosion?
JonSchweppe:  Isn't it awesome?
JonSchweppe:  :O

NeoQueenJen:  lol
JonSchweppe:  Isn't it? :P
JonSchweppe:  burn is simply so cool ;x

NeoQueenJen:  focus dude, focus......
JonSchweppe: yeah "my bad"
JonSchweppe:  lol  
JonSchweppe:  Energy wise

NeoQueenJen:  41 spaces left....
JonSchweppe:  we need a bit of a fix.
NeoQueenJen:  4 darks is a given
JonSchweppe:  How about... 10 water, 3 dark, 3 metal?
JonSchweppe:  Ok 4 darks...

JonSchweppe:  2 metal :P
JonSchweppe:  lol
JonSchweppe:  Metal, for all you out there that are confused, is REALLY good with rocket tackle
JonSchweppe:  doing damage to yourself is a bad thing sometimes =\

NeoQueenJen:  power > defense
JonSchweppe:  lol yeah...
JonSchweppe:  you don't need too many metals
JonSchweppe:  since you won't get more than 2 dark stoise out per game
JonSchweppe:  maybe 3...
JonSchweppe:  but REGARDLESS.

JonSchweppe:  So yeah, 10 water 2 metal 4 dark?
NeoQueenJen:  yeah
JonSchweppe:  Why? It's such a GREAT word
NeoQueenJen:  -_-
JonSchweppe:  ok.
JonSchweppe:  so we have... 25 spaces?

NeoQueenJen:  hang on, lemme count
JonSchweppe:  you know, people are going to think I'm nuts...
JonSchweppe:  :P

NeoQueenJen:  you are, lol
JonSchweppe:  Oh, my bad.
JonSchweppe:  :P

NeoQueenJen: yup, 25 spaces left
JonSchweppe:  Well, 4 elm is a given...
NeoQueenJen:  yup
JonSchweppe:  I don't know, what do you think of those new supporter cards?
NeoQueenJen:  copycat............ 3?
JonSchweppe: I like Professor Oak's Research...
JonSchweppe:  copycat?
JonSchweppe: Is that good?
JonSchweppe:  I dunno... copycat COULD be pretty good
JonSchweppe:  so yeah
JonSchweppe:  3 copycat :P

NeoQueenJen:  yeah, it's like elm but you draw according to the size of your opponents hand.....
NeoQueenJen:  so if they eeeeeeked.....
JonSchweppe:  oh nice :O
JonSchweppe:  Yeah VERY cool
JonSchweppe:  regardless.
JonSchweppe: 4 bill?
JonSchweppe:  cause we want solid drawing.
JonSchweppe:  :P

NeoQueenJen:  how bout 2 bill, 2 oaks research...
JonSchweppe:  hm
JonSchweppe:  Ok I can live with that
JonSchweppe:  :P
JonSchweppe: let's see.
JonSchweppe:  That leaves... 14 spaces

NeoQueenJen:  healing
JonSchweppe:  yeah definitely
NeoQueenJen:  berry or band?
JonSchweppe:  I play 2 healing/1 rocket's hideout, but thats' just me
NeoQueenJen:  that'd be cool
JonSchweppe:  Actually, I use a combo with 3 gold berryand 2 focus :P
JonSchweppe:  Because the focus are good

NeoQueenJen:  yeah
JonSchweppe:  in situations where you have to go KILL PEOPLE with a tyrogue
JonSchweppe:  but gold berry is really nice on darkblastoise
JonSchweppe:  :P

NeoQueenJen:  ph33r
JonSchweppe:  yes definitely
JonSchweppe:  so let's see... that's 8... we're at 6 spaces left?

NeoQueenJen:  uh huh
NeoQueenJen:  trader!
JonSchweppe:  YES TRADER!!!!!!
JonSchweppe:  must play 2
JonSchweppe:  and must play 2 boss' way
JonSchweppe:  boss' way is ABUSIVE in this deck

NeoQueenJen: yessum
JonSchweppe:  it's so goooood ;x
JonSchweppe:  so we have 2 spots left.
JonSchweppe:  hmm...
JonSchweppe:  think we need a TecH time capsule?

NeoQueenJen:  yeah
NeoQueenJen:  they can come in handy
JonSchweppe:  and then...
JonSchweppe:  yeah they do
JonSchweppe: especially when you need water energy again
JonSchweppe:  hm

JonSchweppe:  Well I'm thinking if we left anything out...
JonSchweppe: Oh definitely gotta play THORN ELEMENTAL
JonSchweppe:  erm my bad, wrong game.
JonSchweppe:  um...

JonSchweppe:  Oh my bad.
JonSchweppe:  :P
JonSchweppe:  Magic's a great game, I reccomend ALL OF YOU to try it
JonSchweppe:  Something to do in the Pokemon "off-season
NeoQueenJen: O.o
JonSchweppe:  I can't think of anything...
JonSchweppe:  OMG

NeoQueenJen:  what?
JonSchweppe: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NeoQueenJen:  DUDE!
JonSchweppe:  WOW! X_X
JonSchweppe:  we're bad
JonSchweppe:  so let's play four of those...
JonSchweppe:  and we have 63 cards
JonSchweppe:  -_-

NeoQueenJen: yay =\
JonSchweppe:  so... we COULD cut the rocket's hideout
JonSchweppe:  and we COULD cut... a copycat
JonSchweppe:  hm ;\

NeoQueenJen:  man this is funny, there's like, 2 of everything....I like maxing out on stuff....
JonSchweppe:  It's like the Noah's Ark
NeoQueenJen:  we could ditch a caterpie.......I really don't see gatr much in mmf......
NeoQueenJen:  w/ that new plume and all
JonSchweppe:  let's ditch caterpie
JonSchweppe:  that plume is TIGHT

NeoQueenJen:  bye bye caterpie
JonSchweppe:  so that gives us 60
JonSchweppe:  wanna post the final decklist?

NeoQueenJen:  alrighty, final decklist......
JonSchweppe:  Oh, to all you pojo people out there thatare wondering, I haven't like, died or anything. I just haven't been ... well,there isn't much to write about.
NeoQueenJen:  3 cleffa
2 tyrouge
4 squirtle(expedition)
4 dark tortle
4 dark stoise
1 elekid

10 water
2 metal
4 dark

4 Elm
4 Double Gust
2 Copycat
2 Bill
2 Oak's Research
3 Gold Berry
2 Focus Band
2 Healing Fields
2 Trader
2 Boss's Way
1 Time Capsule
NeoQueenJen:  bleagh
JonSchweppe:  Anyway, that's what the NEW dark blastoise deck will look like.
JonSchweppe:  Basically.

NeoQueenJen:  yup
NeoQueenJen: spiffy
NeoQueenJen:  good luck to ya!
JonSchweppe:  yeah!
NeoQueenJen:  anything you wanna say to all the pojoreaders out there random?
JonSchweppe:  well
JonSchweppe:  I love you all
JonSchweppe: :P
JonSchweppe:  And um
JonSchweppe:  Go 15+!
JonSchweppe:  FEEL THE POWA
JonSchweppe:  ;x

NeoQueenJen:  tight
NeoQueenJen:  oh yeah
JonSchweppe:  and um
JonSchweppe:  lol...

NeoQueenJen:  roflol, the end
JonSchweppe:  Yeah "the end"