Wow, I finally got a chance to finish Anne Rice's The Vampire Lestat and that book is just like, Godly.  If you enjoy gothic literature, historical novels, romance, violence, the quest for redemption, and wish to find out where I got the name of my deck garage, pick it up :D  Annnnnnyway, here's a cool little dark t-tar deck that I decided to fix. Enjoy!

Hello my name is Joe.  I have been playing Pokemon since the beginning.  I am currently 19 and in collage and an active Master Professor.  I have been visiting the pojo sight ever since you stopped producing your mag (man I loved that mag, it OwNed lol) anyway ever since the release of expedition new decks have been racing though my mind like crazy!!!!!!!  So here is one of the ones I have in mind and I believe it could use some outside advice on this one so without father ado here goes:


3 cleffa
3 lavitar
3 D-pupitar
1 D-tyranitar
2 Bulbasaur
1 ivysaur
2 Venasaur

4 elm
4 trader
2 Oak’s Research
2 copycat
2 F-band
3 G-berry
3 breeder
1 timecapsel
1 Rockets hideout

4 rainbows
17 fighting
2 dark

Mmmmkay, let's see what we have here.... Well, first off I wonder what the venusaur's doing in there. I can only hope it's the expedition one, in which case you've got yourself a pretty sweet setup should you be able to keep it alive and benched. However, I really don't think it fits as it stretches out your breeder usage and you really want to have speed on your side. So drop that line, and in it's stead we'll add another larvitar, drop a pupitar, and add a rouge and 2 elekids. Poliwrath and Kingdra are pretty cool decks and elekid can take advantage of the weakness of their earlier stages. Tyrouge can possibly ftko something and again, it's nice to dish out some quick damage.  

Alright, draw looks nice, but let's ditch the Oak's Reasearch and add another copycat. I REALLY like copycat in modified, takes advantage of your opponent's last eeeeeeek without any major drawbacks. We'll boost your breeder count to 4 because it'll give you the chance to use mountain crusher by turn 2, and I don't like the pupitar's 60 HP =\ . Also, I'm going to add 3 Double Gust as gust is needed in just about every deck. Helpful to get out of sticky situations and putting your opponent into them.

A'ight, scrap the rainbows, drop 1 fighting and add 2 full heals. I'm wondering how big the plume's going to be, but it's still nice to be prepared....

Final list:

Pokemon: 15
1 tyrouge
2 elekid
3 cleffa
4 Larvitar (Destiny)
2 D. Pupitar
3 D. T-Tar

Trainers: 25
4 Elm
4 Trader
3 Copycat
2 Focus Band
3 Gold Berry
4 Breeder
1 Time Capsule
3 Double Gust

Energy: 20
16 Fighting
2 Dark

Hope this helps!