Yes, it's the latest in a string of Spike trademarks that have been exhumed from the grave to walk the earth once more. Last week, the bashes. This week, the letters. What will it be next week? Ask Vulpix? The Polls? Only the passage of time will tell...

Y'know, the last time I posted any letters, I was in California, lonely and homesick and waiting to get home so I could go out to California again for the STS. That's how long ago it was. The STS, of course, was something of a disaster, and I got more sympathy letters than you can imagine. I was planning to post them, but never got round to it and am now electing not to in the interests of putting that fiasco behind us. Sorry. But thanks for all who wrote to commiserate.

(Side note: I'm qualified for the East STS! Woohoo! I'll tell you what I'm gonna do when I get there... I'm going to hunt down the guy who wouldn't let me into Long Beach, wave my invitation in front of his ugly face, then laugh and laugh. Boy will that feel good. That alone would be worth the cost of the trip.)

(Another side note: It should be said, just in case I never get around to writing a tournament report, that Wizards must have done a bit of sensitivity training between the STS and the qualifiers. All the WOTC employees at the qualifiers were courteous, helpful, and [in the case of the judges] knowledgeable about the game. Contrast this with my previous encounters with Wizards employees who could only be described as jackasses. Kudos and MAJOR props.)

Anyway. The other major category of letters I had set aside but hadn't printed yet is about Justin Smith. While bashing him is always entertaining, that too is in the past, and so I elected not to print them either. (Yet another side note: I hear Justin has a website. Can anybody tell me where to find it? This I must see.)

So, without further ado, here are the two (2) letters that I still felt like printing this week:

>    Dude, what is up with these people that send in decks that need        >SOO much work it's not even funny?  Either they haven't read your
>garage, or are intentionally trying to piss you off.  You have to work >the same things in every deck....taking out the 2-1 families, and                >adding good 70HP basics to make it a tournament contender. 
>    People, I do not play pokemon anymore, but I read Spike's garage
>because it's funny and outlines the harsh reality commonly known as       >life ::sigh:: Take notes or something!  It's one thing if you try to       >create a good deck and send it to ol' Spike to make tiny changes, and      >it's another thing if you are completely oblivious to the guidelines       >and send in a deck that needs an insanely amount of working.  He's not       >here to change decks because they NEED to change into a different         >deck, he's here to make you "good people that try" decks a little bit        >better...take notice of these changes!!  Fare thee well
>    Westone Dé Zarela(that's my RP name)

Thank you... This is of course the same thing I've been telling people for close to a year now. Do they listen to me? No. Will they listen to you? Probably not. But thanks for the support...

Coming up... a new award category for Spike's Shed. The "Justin Smith Award" will be awarded to the person who writes in each week with bad deckbuilding theory and an undeserved sense of superiority. This week's Justin Smith award goes to this gentleman:

>blaine's magmar rules im not telling you why because your supposed too if you work at pojo > >your not that good at making decks are you your fire deck is i guess ok but i could easily       >make a better fire deck.I can't beleive i don't work at pojo because i can build better decks      >then you im sorry but i can and i can build better decks then scott too bye

Okay... For your edification, I will lay out the reasons why you don't work at Pojo.

1) You are an idiot. This concept might be a bit hard to take on faith, but I'll expand upon it in the following points.

2) Your spelling, grammar, and capitalization are atrocious.

3) Blaine's Magmar is not good. It might be playable in the right sort of deck, but my encounters with these types of decks leads me to believe that they are extremely fragile. You need a relatively high amount of fire energy in the deck, which cuts down on your options for trainers and other Pokemon.

4) A contention that you are better than someone else at something is generally taken more seriously when substantiated by evidence. A verifiable record against strong opponents(such as I have) would be compelling evidence in this case. Sadly, you appear to have no such evidence.

5) Since it appears (in the lack of any evidence for you and plenty against you) that you are not a better deckbuilder than me, we can apply basic mathematical principles of inequality and conclude that you are not a better deckbuilder than Scott.

6) You are an idiot. This concept has already been touched upon, but reiterating it makes a nice summation statement to my argument.

And that, my friend, is the reason why you don't work at Pojo...


Wow is it a great time to be alive.

Dunno what I mean by that. I'm just feeling happy tonight I guess. ;)

-Spike (Super Lucky Guy)

(yes... I know I deserve a severe beating for being completely out of touch and dropping off the face of AIM and ICQ altogether... sigh. I'm sorry. I'll try to get back on track...)



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