>Here's your deck for this week Spikey Poo...;-) Have Fun with it!!
>Water Deck
>hi. i made this deck just for fun but was wondering what you could do to fix it.
>4x Seel
>3x Dewgong
>4x Magikarp
>3x Gyarados- 1 base 2 rocket
>4x Goldeen-2 Misty 2 jungle
>3x Kangaskhan- 2 jungle 1 Blaine
>22 water energy
>2 double colourless energy
>2x switch
>2x gust of wind
>2x energy flow
>4x sleep
>2x defender
>Goldeen and Seaking, Karp and Gyarados, Seel and Dewgong are the fighters, Kangaskhan stalls.

Hmm... I'm not sure if sending "Spikey Poo" a water deck is Satoshi's idea of a twisted joke or not. Hmm. I'll have to find out... Satoshi, remember that sooner or later I will be sending a deck to YOU. *evil grin*

Now then. How to fix this deck.

Let's start, as always, with the Pokemon. They are all solid, however as usual with Water decks, they have a rather marked weakness: Lightning. Gyarados' weakness doesn't help that much, because if anything Grass is a more common type than Lightning. Finally, I'll say again that we want to minimize evolution families. Two is workable, but one is preferable. Which are we going to go with here? I'd write off Seaking right away.

Let me be honest with you and say I'd go with Dewgong. Why? Because if you go with Gyarados, you are going to live in fear of getting the Magikarp draw. And you WILL eventually get this draw. We can jam enough other stuff in here that weakness won't be an issue.

Now for the rest. Hmmm, we need some good basics. Kangaskhan isn't quite what I had in mind. Okay, I once used Kangaskhan for stalling too. That was a year ago, okay? Nowadays I see how Kanga is better used: as a metagame card, a card engine and an occasional pinch-hitter. If you want a true staller, there's one Pokemon for you: Chansey. Not to mention the fact that in some situations, Chansey is just good. Buzz getting you down? Wiggly lurking? Bring out Chansey. Blam. Threat removed.

A couple more good basics are needed. Articuno is an option (and definitely a viable one) but what I would do is use Ditto and Scyther. Both of these are ideal for defusing a weakness. Ditto has a drawback, but like most, it can be played around.

Now for the trainers. Your trainers...


Start by taking out everything except the Gusts. Now go like this:

3-4 Professor Oak
3-4 Bill
2-3 Computer Search
2-3 Item Finder

I'd also add in 3-4 Nightly Garbage Runs. If decking doesn't become an issue, then you're probably not drawing nearly enough cards, and it's also useful for recycling Pokemon. PlusPower is an option, and often a very good one, so I'd make room for it if you can-- 3-4 of them. See how much space you have left after energy. If you have any space left over, another thing I'd love to run is a couple of Scoop Ups. You've got enough basics that this card will probably become handy. It's also very nice for pulling Ditto out of the fire.

Energy should be pretty straightforward. 19-20 energy is ideal for most decks today, and this looks like no exception. That means 15 or 16 water energy and 4 DCE.

Hope this helps-- see what you can do with it!


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