Hi people. This is Spike, speaking as usual from his dreary little corner of the Pojo. There isn't a huge amount in this update-- just a couple of fixes, crossed as usual with other mechanics.

One thing that definitely bears noting, though, is that I've instituted a new set of submission guidelines, based loosely on ClefairyDoll's. As soon as I see that they have been posted in the garage, I will trash any deck that does not adhere to them. These are intended to help me fix decks better and be closer to what people want, so please-- no griping. It's such a simple thing to do, and taking the time to fill out the form will probably help both of us understand your deck a bit better.

Other than that, I'm going to try to come back with more features in the following weeks, and of course more great fixes. So thank you for reading, and take care as always.



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