HEy, can you look at this deck plan, i want it to be perfect. Please keep it a mono fire

Delta-Moltres (Mono-Fire)


4 Moltres
4 Rocket's Moltres
3 Blane's Moltres
4 Magmar (F)
4 Blane's Magmar


1 The Rocket's Training Gym
2 No Removal Gym
2 Good Manners
2 Lt. Surge's Treaty
2 Energy Retrieval
4 Energy Flow


28 Fire Energy

Explanations: Magmar / Blane's Magmar: Low energy attacks can keep your opponent busy while you load up the Moltres on your bench. The Rocket's Training Gym: Yes it does "up" retreat cost one, but you wont have to retreat much. Blane's Moltres's attack makes you flip a coin, if tails, it is returned to your deck with the energy attached to it (after doing damage). Rocket's Moltres's power (Rebirth) returns itself to your hand if it is put in the discard pile. Energy Retreval: Rebirth doesnt bring back the energy. Energy Flow: Helps you save Energy Retreval for later. No Removal Gym: Blane's Moltres's attack costs 5 fire energy Thanks for lookin at this.


Okay. I picked this deck because it's a deck with a theme, and I like that. It has a couple of good cards in it (Rocket's Moltres and Fossil Magmar). It also has some cards in it that are, to be honest, trash in my opinion. What follows will not be pretty, but it will be for the best. After you're done, you can wander over to KittyFox's place and see if he was any more merciful.

1) I can tell you what is going to stay: Fossil Mag and Rocket's Moltres. Both of these are well-rounded cards and fit this deck well. I can tell you what is going to go into your trade binder: Blaine's Moltres. This card is almost completely unplayable as far as I'm concerned. Blaine's Magmar also goes in the shoebox-this guy MIGHT potentially be playable in a deck built around him from the ground up. This isn't it.

What does that leave? A couple things. First, Fossil Moltres. You will NOT use him for his Dive Bomb attack (if you even THINK about such a possibility, I'll whack you with a sock full of pennies). You will use him for Wildfire in the late game. With this in mind, drop him to 2. This will reduce your chances of seeing him in your starting hand, but help ensure that you can find him by the time you need him.

Finally, we need something that's not fire to round out our cast. Normally I'd say Scyther, but Rocket's Moltres already fits two of the reasons why I include Scyther in most decks: Getting around weakness, and Fighting resistance. The free retreat I think we can live without. Therefore, I'd recommend Chansey instead. Say it with me: "Sometimes a big egg is just good."

2) Tear out ALL your trainers. Now I will tell you what you will put in.

Oak-You get to draw seven cards. This is good.
Bill-You get to draw two cards with NO drawback. This is good.
Computer Search-You get to go through your library, pick any card, and have it in your hand. This is good.
Item Finder-You get to reuse your trainers. This is good.
Gust of Wind-You get to pick off weak or damaged Pokemon that your opponent thought were safe. This is good.
PlusPower-Your opponent doesn't get a turn to retreat or attack with 10 or 20 HP left. This is good.
Nightly Garbage Run-You get to reuse stuff and keep yourself from decking. This is good.

See all this? This is good. Take my word for it.

3) My oh my oh my. 28 energy. My my. Let's cut that down quite a bit. While we're at it, let's also put in 4 DCE. If you followed my advice, you should have at least 2 Chanseys in here, and that is enough to merit 4 DCE.


14 Pokemon:

4 Rocket's Moltres
4 Magmar (Fossil)
2 Moltres (Fossil)
4 Chansey

27 Trainers:

4 Oak
3 Bill
2 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
4 Nightly Garbage Run
4 Super Energy Removal
3 PlusPower
2 Rocket's Training Gym

19 Energy:

15 Fire Energy


Lemme explain just a few of the trainer choices. Rocket's Training Gym is in because you seemed to like it, I suppose it's as good as anything, and just having a Gym is good.  SER is in because, well, that card can be a bomb in the right deck. (This one.)

Good luck. I think I was able to stick to your theme and still turn out a kick-ass final deck. =) Have fun!


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