Hey Spike, My friend made a deck and asked me to fix it with his range of cards. He loves Team Rocket. This is as best as i could do and i thought i might ask you for help. "Kazam...Ka..zam...zam" Be quite Alakazam. Sorry Spike My Alakazam helped too. Not sure where he got the Rocket Alakazams though. Here's my friends deck to a somewhat modified version. Alakazam I need this chair. "Ka....Zamm" Sorry again Spike my Alakazam too my chair but he's levitating me. Now without further Interuption I hope. All cards unless specified are Rocket. My friends deck: Psychic Inferno
4 Abra
3 Dark Kadabra
2 Dark Alakazam (Still figuring out)
3 Drowzee
2 Dark Hypno
3 Charmander
2 Dark Charmelion
3 Eevee
2 Dark Flareon
4 Bill (Base)
2 Cpu Search (Base)
2 Imposter Oaks Revenge (Screws Up Heavy drawers)
2 Nightime Garbage Run (When He Screws Up. Lots)
10 fire
15 psychic
1 Full Heal Energy (So his drowzees can use Long Range Hypnosis unseccesfully) !
major Prob is his lack of cards I think hes gonna get a big b-day present from me. Beter Cards. I'll get what you say for hime Spike. "Ka...Zam...Al...Zam" Yes Alakazam you can help. By the way could you send you Vulpix over Alakazam is afraid of fire Pokemon. I did Psychic part first or he wouldn't have done a thing. See ya Later "Zam...Zam...Alakazam" Alakazam Says Hello Spike and His Pokemon. What a scardey cat. Ohh god he transformed into Persian Gotta go.


Hmm, like the other crossover fix I did this week, a two-color deck packed with evolutions. Eeep. Well, we fixed the first one, and we'll fix this one. This, by the way, is a cross with Crash, so go check out his version. Heck, you should be reading Crash's garage religiously anyway.

1) I'll be honest with you: You want to go down to one evolution family here and then just go with basics to support it. I look at this, and the one that suggests itself to me is Dark Hypno. Stage 1 is preferable to Stage 2 (all other things being equal) and Hypno has two good attacks going for him. Add to that the fact that Drowzee is good, not for the Pokemon Power neccessarily but for the attack, which was good on Haunter and was good on Drowzee.

Let's see... we need supporting basics for a fire/psychic deck.


Scroll down to the card list if you honestly can't figure out what goes here ;)

2) Hmm, I don't know about Base Bill and Computer Search. I think you want to use the Fossil versions of these cards instead. All joking aside, your trainers do need a MAJOR overhaul. Fortunately, we got rid of about 9 Pokemon slots, which can now be turned to trainers. Imposter Oak's Revenge is rarely worth the space or the additional cost except in hand-hate decks, so take it out and use the space for more NGR. We've still got 9 spaces floating, and we'll probably create 4-6 spaces once we get through with your energy, so try this:

4 Oak
2 Item Finder
2 Gust of Wind
3 PlusPower
4 Super Energy Removal

I couldn't think of a Gym that works well for you. None of the Gym Leader gyms are helpful, and Narrow Gym only neuters Dark Hypno's attack. No Removal Gym would be a possibility, but since removal doesn't hurt you that much, I thought it would be better to go aggressive with removal of your own. SER is fun and generally more useful, but regular ER can be substituted to cut down on the number of rares.

3) Energy. Well, as usual, going down to 20-21 energy is feasible and highly desirable. Interestingly enough, you don't want any DCE in this deck, which is rather a rare phenomenon. I'd split the energy colors almost evenly, giving Fire the odd energy. Playtesting might reveal that the balance needs to be shifted one way or another, but this should give you a solid base to build on.


15 Pokemon:

4 Drowzee (Rocket)
3 Dark Hypno
4 Magmar (Fossil)
4 Mewtwo (Movie/Video Promo)

24 Trainers:

3 Bill
4 Oak
2 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
4 Nightly Garbage Run
3 PlusPower
4 Super Energy Removal

21 Energy:

10 Psychic Energy
11 Fire Energy


Hope this helps. Yes, you'll probably need to give your friend a big B-day present, but he should also be able to trade for most of this stuff relatively easily.


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