The one and only Sabrina's Call for Team Rocket Deck
	     18 Fire Energy
             8 Psychic Energy
             4 Rocket's Moltres
             1 Movie Promo Moltres
             2 Fossil Magmar
             4 Sabrina's Gastly - 2 Gym Hero
                                 2 Gym Challenge
             3 Sabrina's Haunter - 2 Gym Hero
                                  1 Gym Challenge
             2 Sabrina's Gengar
             1 Master Ball
             2 Erika
             2 No Removal Gym
             2 Bill
             4 Nightly Garbage Run
             4 Potion
The strategy behind this deck is to start with Magmar (even against a water deck it is still powerful) then power up Rocket's Moltres. After you power up the Moltres power up Sabrina's Haunter (if it is out there ). This Deck is designed to do a lot of damage after about three turns. Nightly Garbage Run is to keep all of Sabrina's pokemon in play with all the energy to power up again and attack.



This deck is crossed with Scott, so check it out at Scott's garage too.

I've been really bombarded with stuff this week, so I'll have to make this a very quick fix... Deck looks okay, although the fire part isn't really integral to the deck. Your families are good, Trainers are kind of low, though, and the Energy high. Let's get tweaking...


Looks good already... The best Gastly would probably be the one with the Pokepower that adds HP for Psychic Energy. With Haunter, it depends on what you want to do, status or combo. If you use the Heroes one you'll need ways to get Gastlys on your bench. Drop a Rockets Moltres for a Magmar and drop the Promo for a couple MP Mewtwo and you're set.


Add a couple Bill, three Oaks, and three Com. Search. Drop Potions and one NGR and add one more Master Ball, it's nice for finding a specific evolution even if it's limited. Drop the Erika too- Bill should work well enough and has no drawback. Add three Gust of Wind and two Scoop Up as well.


Let's go to 11 Psychic and 10 Fire. Here's the deck:
Pok閙on (17)
3 Rocket's Moltres  
3 Fossil Magmar
2 MP Mewtwo 
4 Sabrina's Gastly 
3 Sabrina's Haunter
2 Sabrina's Gengar

Trainers (22)
4 Bill
3 Oak
3 Com. Search
2 Master Ball
2 No Removal Gym
3 GOW 
2 Scoop Up

Energy (21)
11 Psychic 21
10 Fire
Hope that helps ya, and good luck!

~ Souper ~