Hello! The deck:
3 Nidoran
3 Nidorino
2 Nidoking
3 Venonat
2 Venomoth
3 Scyther
2 Lickitung

22 grass energy

1 Erika
2 Lass
3 Computer Search
2 Super potion
1 Item Finder
2 Professor Oak
3 Bill
3 Gust Of Wind
3 Switch
Stall with lickitung and play scyther, and get evolutions.

This fix is crossed with Dux, check it out at Dux's Dilapidated Dex.

Another deck that doesn't require too much work. Your Pokemon look pretty balanced and you have good choices. You have more Energy than necessary, but that can go toward Trainers. I'm assuming you're going with the Poison/Confusion thing here, and status effects are very useful.

All you could really use is an extra Venomoth, Nidoran, and Nidorino. I'd probably go with Breeders, since Nidorino has low HP and expensive attacks, but you could go either way.

Super Potions can go and Erika can be dropped for a fourth Bill. Add one Oak and Item Finder and four Breeders for the Nidoking. Drop one Switch to make just a bit more room.

Since Nidoking, Scyther, and Lickitung can use them, You want DCE in there. I'd drop seven Grass and add four DCE. Here's the finished deck:
Pok閙on (18)
4 Nidoran
3 Nidoking
3 Venonat
3 Venomoth
3 Scyther
2 Lickitung

Trainers (23)
2 Lass
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
3 Professor Oak
4 Bill
3 Gust Of Wind
2 Switch
4 Breeder

Energy (19)
15 Grass
Hope that helps ya, and good luck!

~ Souper ~