Hey Jedi,
I have a stall/damage swap deck that could use some help! It's not that
bad, just that it's not that good either. So, with no further adieu,

Pokèmon: 17
   2 Alakazam
   3 Kadabra
   4 Abra (1 TR)
   3 Magmar (F)
   2 Chansey
   2 Snorlax
   1 Kangaskhan

Trainers: 21
   4 Scoop Up
   4 Defender
   3 Pokèmon Center
   2 Super Potion
   2 Clefairy Doll
   2 Nightly Garbage Run
   3 Bill
   1 Oak

Energy: 22
   13 Psychic
   6 Fire
   3 DCE

The strategy of this deck is to get Chansey up with Alakazam and another
Chansey on the bench ASAP. Magmar, Snorlax, and Kangaskhan are there to
stall till I get the a fore mentioned strategy to work. Scoop Up is for
scooping a loaded Chansey. Defender for letting Chansey get in 3 double
edges. Pokèmon Center for healing a loaded Chansey. Super Potion for
letting anyone live longer. Clefairy Doll is in there so that Alakazam
can load up a chansey then swap it all to Clefairy Doll (I have written
WotC and they say this works). NGR for keeping from decking. Bill because
all decks need drawing power. Oak is the situational random card. I only
have trouble against Sponge and Haymaker decks. And the occasional
Trainer Disruption deck, but I've only run across one of those around
here. I'm not sure what to change right now. I was thinking of taking out
the Kadabra for Pokèmon Breeder, but haven't yet. If you could give me a
hand with this deck I'd appreciate it. Thanks,


Okay.  I few immediate responses. 

#1 - Swapping all your damage to Alakazam does NOT work.  Anyone who told you that is a total idiot.  Then again, I have called WotC and gotten some rulings worse than that, so that does not surprise me at all.  Some random call center person at WotC might have told you that, but I promise it does not work, because as soon as Clefairy Doll gets the damage on it, it's dead.  This is NOT Magic.  You can not swap in response to swapping. ;)

#2 - It takes 3 defenders at least to allow a Chansey to edge 3 times.  That's NOT tech. ;(

Okay.  Opening statements out of the way, here we go.

Pokemon.  Kill the Snorlax.  They suck unless they are played with plants.  Make them a 3rd Chansey and another Kangaskhan.  Card draw is good. =)

Energy.  You must have 4DCE.  MUST!  Also, you well seldom beat down with Alakazam.  Drop about 6 Psychic Energy. 

Trainers.  We have 5 free slots.  KILL THE DOLLS!!!!!!  I love Clefairy Doll, more than most people, but NOT IN MY DECKS!!!!!  Come to think of it, the Super Potions are super bad.  KO them as well.  9 slots.  Add in a 4th Bill and 2 more Oaks immedaitely, giving us 6 free slots.  2 Computer Search and 3 Item Finder gives us 1 free slot.  Make the last slot a No Removal Gym.  You might need it.  Lastly, kill 2 of the 4 Defenders.  They are situationally useful, but you're not going to save a Chansey that way.  Make them Switches.  Switch is good for getting Kangaskhan or Alakazam out of trouble.  Come to think of it, we need Switch's brother, Gust of Wind.  Kill 2 Scoop Ups for 2 Gust of Wind.  They are not so vital with the addition of Switch.

Have fun with the new one and make sure to see what Jedi has to say about this one!