Yo. Sup Scott. Can you fix my Sponge to show everybody what Sponge should look like after the addition of Gym 2? Thanx again man.
5 Psychic
5 Fighting
3 Hitmonchan
2 MP Mewtwo
2 Chansey
2 Rocket's Mewtwo
2 Scyther
4 Oak
3 Computer Search
4 Item Finder
3 Scoop Up
2 Gust of Wind
3 PlusPower
4 ER
3 Resistence Gym
    Well, thats my Sponge. Can you give it a DCI fix? My local metagame is very fast and consists of mostly Wigglytuffs, Electabuzz, Scyther, and Fossil Magmar. Hays and Wigglies are real big. I'm the only one who ever plays Trapper, and I haven't seen Raindance since June. Thanx.

Sponge...post Challenge.  

I will first start by admitting this:  I have not been working on anything except Prop 15 decks lately.  Now, it's time for a commentary by Scott.

People always are asking me, "Hey Scott, what do you think about Prop 15-3C?"  Well, I am now going to answer this question for the whole world....

PROP 15-3C SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, just in case a few of you out there are still a little confused as to my feelings on this environment, allow me to repeat myself again:

PROP 15-3C SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I figure that clears up everything for everyone.  Now what does it suck?  Allow me to tell you.

I consider myself a good player.  I think I build good decks and I play them reasonably well.  But, Prop 15-3C does something I don't like:

It takes the skill out of the environment

Yes, I will still beat Joe Scrub off the street, but the advantage I used to have over "good" players, is now gone.  

WotC tried to make Prop 15 to eliminate Haymaker and Wigglytuff decks from the environement.  Well guess what, guys:  YOU FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I don't care what kind of "internal playtesting" you are doing showing some really terrible decks winning.  I promise you, all you have done is make it so that the true "original" decks have no chance for survival in the environment.  Trust me - I have probably tried at LEAST a dozen or more "original" decks in the environment, and while they perform better, they still get their butts kicked by a good 'ole fashioned Potpourri deck.  

This is a message to WotC:  If you want to make a serious tournament environment, bite the bullet: ban and restrict individual cards.  Errata cards.  Do what I have been screaming about since day 1.....issue the following errata

To be issued to Lass, Rocket Sneak Attack, Impostor Oaks's Revenge, The Rocket's Trap, and Psyduck's "Headache" attack:

"This card/attack can not be played on the very first turn of the game."

That's all you have to do, and you "fix" the whole environment.  Give both players a chance to play their trainers, and you have "fixed" the environment.  Prop 15-3C is a joke.  It takes the real skill away from the player by making it a game of top-decking.  Who draws Oak first.  Heck, I love the card, but if you're so worried about broken Oak, kill it.  Ban it.  Remove it from the tournament environment.  I'll hate it, but I hated it when you banned Balance too (M:TG reference) - we'll all get over it. 

Until you are ready to make the real steps to fixing the environment, i.e. individual card bannings/restrictings and/or individual card errata, please do not throw this joke of a tournament environment at us.  I for one would pay $1,000 to go to New Jersey and play a skill-less environment.  Fat chance.  This is why I will more than likely not go to New Jersey unless someone feels like sponsoring me.  I do not want to waste my money going to a tournament where my one advantage in the environment is gone:  skill.

Some of you may agree with me, some of you may disagree.  That's your right, but know that I have playtested this format to DEATH and this is what I have come up with.


On the the deck fix...

PROP 15-3C SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oppps....accidentally pasted that in there...oh well, it needs to be said again...

On to the deck fix again...

First of all, Sponge is an Electric/Psychic deck.  Several people seem to be confused by this.  Well, since I have not really had a chance to play with post-Challenge Sponge, I will simply fix this one. =)

First of all, get rid of the Rocket Mewtwos.  They are okay, but not great in an ER environement.  Make them into Dittos.  That guy is a pure Assassin when used right.

With the energy, actually up the count by 1.  Kill 1 Psychic and add in 2 Rainbow Energies.  This helps out immensely.

In trainers, lets get rid of 1 Resistance Gym to compensate for the extra energy.  Go ahead and kick out 1 PlusPower to add in a Goop Gas Attack.  Man - this card is just SO versatile it's not funny.  

Here is where we come to a paradoxal situation.  ER is for a longer, more defensive game.  RSA is for more offensive, win quick games.  Well, with the addition of Erika's Dratini and Trap in the environment, people are adding more basics to compensate.  A lot of decks will have multiple basics, and thus time to draw into things.  For this reason, let's go the more defensive route with this deck and drop all 4 RSA.  Don't get me wrong - it's a good card.  It's just my opinion that RSA and Super Energy Removal in the same deck is too unfocused.  

With these new slots, let's put in a plethora of things.  2 Bill, 1 Energy Retrieval, and 1 Chaos Gym.  Why Chaos Gym?  It's the 1 cards that can be used to "lock" a game.  When you gain control, go get it and slap it down.  Now, once winning, an Oak might not save them.  It's a good card, and also keeps us at 3 Gyms for removing a No Removal Gym. 

I am not going to recap this deck - don't wanna. =)  Try these changes in it.  I think you might just like it.

The Mad Mechanic,