Energy Removal Deck

(Cross with Ness)

Hi, I have an ER deck. I need a starter fix.

2 TR Psyduck
2 (fossil) Psyduck
3 (fossil) Golduck
2 TR Dratini
2 (base) Dratini
2 Dragonair
1 Dark Dragonair
2 Slowpoke
4 Bills
4 ER
4 Pluspower
3 CP search
2 Challenge
8 Water
10 Psychic

The metagaming in my area is dominant haymaker. I though that since the decks now run very low on energy and I think I can use his to my advantage. Thanks for looking at my deck.

---Deck Fix---

One of the beautiful parts of being the DG Manager and Section Webmaster means that if one of the other mechanics sets something up, and I'm up at 4am trying to fix a deck, I can just "borrow" their template so that I can get done quicker.  Thanks Ness!  Oh yeah, make sure you check out his fix on this deck too - you should find it's pretty good!


I am a big fan of energy removal, and Pokemon that do it, but you just don't need 2 big lines like that.  So, we need to pick one.  We're gonna go with Dragonair due to it's being colorless, more diverse, and well, the last deck like this I fixed I went with Golduck, so I want to split it up.  Run that line 4/2 plus a Dark Dragonair, and use the TR Dratini.  It can defend itself with a DCE with possible paralysis .  Running 2 Slowpokes is always a great idea.  Cover fighting well by adding in Doduo/Dodrio.  This line gives Slowpoke an often needed free retreat, and makes it easier to get Dragonair out if he gets stranded.  Run this line 4/2.  As a random add, throw in 1 Koga's Pidgey.  This will get you another way to get evolutions, especially, if you can challenge for the Pidgey, Pidgey for the Dk. Dragonair, and Light for everything else. 


We can cut back hardcore here.  Jump down to 4 DCE, 3 Full Heal, and 10 Psychic Energy.  This knocks us down by 4, something we will well compensate in the trainers.


Pluspower is not needed here.  Make them 3 Oaks and a 4th Search.  With the 4 free slots, make 3 of them Garbage Runs.  You can jump into an infinite combo here with Slowpoke.  It was the concept my infinity deck was based on, and can cause almost certain death for slower decks.  Based on this as well, fit in 2 Item Finders.  They get back the things needed.  Go ahead and drop 1 Bill for another Challenge with the whole Pidgey/Dk. Dragonair combo.

Drop a Gust of Wind, going to only 3 here.  Go ahead and drop 1 Bill as well.  Here are my weird add to finish the deck:  Add in 1 Imposter Professor Oak.  The Imp. Oak can be an unwanted surprise to someone with a REAL low library as a decking. 

Final Deck

4 TR Dratini
2 Dragonair
1 Dk. Dragonair
4 Doduo
3 Dodrio
2 Slowpoke
1 Koga's Pidgey

2 Bills
4 ER
3 Gust of Wind
4 Computer Search
3 Challenge!
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Item Finder
1 Imposter Professor Oak

10 Psychic Energy
3 Full Heal Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

Well, the deck was 2 over, but now it's 60, and I don't know how that happened.  I'm sure someone will e-mail me and tell me how, but right now I am too tired to find it. 

Good luck with this deck - I think it's pretty solid!