<<The one and only Sabrina's Call for Team Rocket Deck
             18 Fire Energy
               8 Psychic Energy
             4 Rocket's Moltres
             1 Movie Promo Moltres
             2 Fossil Magmar
             4 Sabrina's Gastly - 2 Gym Hero
                                 2 Gym Challenge
             3 Sabrina's Haunter - 2 Gym Hero
                                  1 Gym Challenge
             2 Sabrina's Gengar
             1 Master Ball
             2 Erika
             2 No Removal Gym
             2 Bill
             4 Nightly Garbage Run
             4 Potion
    The strategy behind this deck is to start with Magmar (even against a
 water deck it is still powerful) then power up Rocket's Moltres.  After you
 power up the Moltres power up Sabrina's Haunter (if it is out there ).  This
 Deck is designed to do a lot of damage after about three turns.  Nightly
 Garbage Run is to keep all of Sabrina's pokemon in play with all the energy
 to power up again and attack.>>

I've been learning a new language, and I wanna practice it on this deck fix, hope y'all don't mind..

*Begin Fix*

A big shout out to my homie Souper for givin' me the hook-ups with this deck.  Be sure the check out Souper's Crib for the other fix to this.

Da Gangtahs

I be likin' dat spookie girls ghosts, so we be keepin' dem around.  We ain't cool wit da Heroes Gastlys, so we be pullin' dem for da Lv10 Challenge homies.  Dat Gaseous Form is da bomb, and his gat be pretty chill too.  For da Haunters, dey is cool.  We likes dem both, so we's gonna keep it 1/1 like dat.  This homie ain't prechin' wit Gengy we gonna be usin', so be usin' da non-holo Challenge one.  It be biggah, strongah, and da gat be more useful. 

For da flames, we like da Moltres and da Magmar, but we need to cut down da intensity of da flames.  We gonna snip out 2 of da Rocket's Birds and da Movie Bird.  We like da Magmar, so jack him up one.

Dis be leavin' us wit 9 basics.  Since we like to see da basics, slap down a couple Movie Genetic Freaks (or Mewtwos for the ebonically impaired).  They are the playahs against da Energy Hatah's.

Da Juice

Wit dis config, we be needin' more Eyeball and less Flame.  Less go to 9 Flame and 10 Psychic.  Dis be leavin' us wit plenty of juice when we throw in the arsenal.

Da Aresenal

We be needin' 7 less juice, so we gots to have a biggah arsenal.  Start by sayin' buh-bye to da Potion and da Erika.  Only room for one girly in this deck, and Sabby is kickin' the grassy chick out.  Too much garbage, so axe 1 run too.  Dis gives us 14 aresenal.  We need da man in da coat, so Oak for 3.  His squeeze Bill wants in 2 more.  Mastah Ball ain't bad here, so less up dat by 2 more.  We gots to split when the going is bad, so 2 of switch.  Man, if ya aint got Wind, ya aint got Win, so we need 2 of dat.  Wit 3 more, we be needin' to play it twice, so Item Finder for 3 more.  Yo deck be short by three, so we gonna add some cards.  One comp and 2 Scoops be finishin' it.  Dat's the whole crib.

Da World *Using English for clarity purposes*

9 Fire Energy
10 Psychic Energy

2 Rocket's Moltres
3 Fossil Magmar

4 Sabrina's Gastly Lv10
2 Sabrina's Haunter Lv 29
1 Sabrina's Haunter Lv 20
2 Sabrina's Gengar Lv 42
2 MP Mewtwo L60

3 Master Ball
2 No Removal Gym
4 Bill
3 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Professor Oak
2 Switch
2 Gust of Wind
3 Item Finder
1 Computer Search
2 Scoop Up.

*End of Fix*

Looks like my ebonics could use some more work.  Oh well, need more classes, I guess.

Have fun!