This deck is designed to handle most anything that hits it. Dodrio covers for Fighting weakness in my Electric Pokemon, and Electric covers for Fire's weakness to Water. Ninetales can pretty much char everything else, especially the extremely popular SCYTHER! Fossil Magmar's Poison attack is a huge nuisance to everyone.
Pokemon (12)
2 Doduo
1 Dodrio
2 Fossil Magmar
2 Vulpix
1 Ninetales
2 Voltorb (1 Rocket, 1 Base, although I need to use 2 Rocket)
1 Jungle Electrode
1 Electabuzz
Trainers (20)
1 No Removal Gym
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Pokedex
3 Super Potion
3 Bill
3 Gust of Wind
3 Potion
3 Switch
Energy (28)
14 Fire Energy
14 Lightning Energy
This deck essentially shuts down most archetypes. Dodrio is nearly immune to Hitmonchan, and my Fire can crush Scyther. Electabuzz destroys Rain Dance, and most of my Pokemon pack enough punch to overpower almost anything else. My local metagame is unfocused, with everyone playing a different deck, although I've seen a lot of Misty decks. I don't want to limit your helpfulness, but try to keep costs at a minimum. I can't spend a lot on cards. Thank you for your time! 

Your deck this week comes courtesy of Satoshi. 

In the Pokemon area, we'll start by giving the Voltorb line the axe.  They are not good enough at all.  Use the extra Pokemon to add 1 each to Doduo, Dodrio, and Electabuzz.  Vulpix/Ninetails is good as well, but not in those quantities.  Kill the 3 of them, and add in a 3rd Fossil Magmar, a 3rd Electabuzz, and go ahread and make the last one any of the following you wish:  Chansey, Ditto, Scyther, or as a last resort, Erika's Dratini.

In Energy, you're way too high now.  Go ahead and drop your lightning numbers down to 8 and your fire to 8 as well.  This cuts 12 energy and gives us lots of options.

In trainers, kill the Pokedexs.  Add in a 4th Bill and 3 Oaks.  Add in 3 Comp Search and 3 Item Finder.  With 4 slots left, add in 2 Garbage Run, another No Removal Gym, and a Scoop Up.  As a matter of fact, with the Dodrios, drop 2 Switches and make them 2 Scoops as well.

As substitues for Comp Searches if need be, run Misty's Wrath.  If you have to sub the Item Finders, use PlusPower, though this is a bad sub.

Hope this new one works for you!