*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Howdy! Boy, all I can say is that this deck's creator is way lucky.
See, this week, we did yet another multi-mech fix. Not two mechs, not three,
not even four...ALL of the mechs at pojo.com are fixing this deck!! This
means that this deck's owner gets 9 different perspectives!! Hehe...us mechs
are great, aren't we? ;)
I just made an Erika deck for the east coast sts. Please help make any
changes to it that would make it better.

Pokemon 18
3 E. Oddish (gym challenge)
3 E. Gloom (70HP)
3 E. Vileplume
3 E. Dratini
3 E. Dragonair
3 Scythers

Trainers 15
3 Professor Oak
3 Erika's Maids
3 Computer Search
3 Celadon City Gym
3 Gust of Wind

Energy 27
24 Grass

I've played this deck some and its done ok winning about half the games I
played, although its hard to test it when no one else wants to play with the
15t/3c format :( Thanks for fixing my deck (or at least reading down to
SATOSHI: Well, I'd have to say tha this deck looks great to start out with.
The family choices are good, and it looks like you've got a pretty good
trainer selection here for a Prop15-3C enviorment.
I'm going to suggest you use the level 15 Erika's Oddish from Gym:Heroes. He
works a bit better, and the 10 extra hp should come in handy. Next, take out
the Erika's Dratini and Dragonair and add in three Erika's Bellsprout lv12
and three Erika's Weepinbell lv30. Next, take out three Grass Energy for
three Rocket's Scyther. These guys work well with grass themed decks, like
their goody two-shoes jungle cousin.
Looks good. Nothing chagning here.
See Trainers.
21 Grass Energy
3 Erika's Oddish lv15
3 Erika's Gloom lv28
3 Erika's Vileplume
3 Erika's Bellsprout lv12
3 Erika's Weepinbell lv30
3 Scyther
3 Rocket's Scyther
3 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Erika's Maids
3 Celadon Cty Gym
3 Gust of Wind

SATOSHI: There ya go! Be sure to check with the other mechs for an alternate
fix to this deck! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!