I need help with my deck 'Rapidash's Realm Deck'

Pokemon 12
4 Ponyta
4 Rapidash
2 Lickitung
2 Farfetch'd

Energy 18

16 Fire energy
2 Double colourless energy

Trainer 30

4 Pluspower
4 Gust of Wind
2 Computer search
3 Energy Removal
2 Bill
2 Professer Oak
2 Potion
1 Super potion
2 Energy Retrieval
3 Pokeball
2 Switch
1 Imposter Oak
2 Pokedex

The strategy is to stall with Lickitung while building up Rapidash,
Farfetch is for Back Up in case Rapidash gets K'O, Plus power and Gust
of wind are for quick kills, Com. Search is to get the stuff i need, E.
Removal to slow the opponent, Bill and Oak to get more cards,Potion and
S. Potion to heal my pokemons, energy Retrieval to get back my energy,
pokeball to get the pokemon i need
Sometimes a Pokemon match doesn't always go to the trainer with the biggest Pokemon. Those that know how to use finesse and agility can sometimes outclass the heavyweight competition. As I scan over your deck though, your team needs a little adjustment in order to be capable of handling the tougher decks out there. First, 8 basics is extremely low. Very few decks can manage with this few, not even my own Turbo Wiggly variant uses this low of a basic count. Seeing how this isn't a speed deck, let's add in some more basics. One basic which would prove effective in this deck is Fossil Magmar. Though, if you worry about Water decks hurting your poor Fire Pokemon, you might consider going with Electabuzz instead. Because I think it presents a more well-rounded deck, we'll focus on adding Electabuzz to your mix.

Looking past Ponyta and Rapidash, I see you are using Lickitung and Farfetch'd. There is little doubt that Scyther is a much stronger Pokemon that Farfetch'd. So swapping the bird that is good for roasting (hey, it comes with its own seasoning!) and put in the big flying bug. And instead of Lickitung, let's try adding a couple of Chansey, the biggest damage-soaker out there in basic form.

Pokemon (12 Basic + 3 Evols = 15 Total):
3 Ponyta
3 Rapidash
4 Electabuzz
2 Chansey 3 Scyther

For Energy, we focus in on Fire and Electric, and DEFINATELY add in Double Colorless.

Energy (16 Basic + 4 Special = 20 Total):
9 Fire
7 Electric
4 Double Colorless

For trainers, we focus on card drawing and disruption.

Trainers (25 Total):
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
2 Narrow Gym
4 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Item Finder

Good luck... wait, you'll have plenty of horseshoes... so already have plenty of luck in this deck!