Hi Bret, I hope you and Vulpix don't mind if I brought my Mewtwo in
here.  "No Mewtwo, no picking up Vulpix with your mind.  We all know
your the most powerfull Psy pokemon on the planet."  Sorry about that. 
I brout my deck for you to fix.  I also came to congradulate you on your
good job at the  East Coast STS thing in the "Windy" city of Chicago. 
Here is the deck.

4 Pikachu (1 MP, 1 League Promo, 2 Jungle)
3 Raichu (1 dark, 1 base) 
3 MP Mewtwo
3 Scyther 
3 Electabuzz

3 Oak
3 Bill
1 Pokemon Trader
2 Item Finder
2 Plus Power

9 Psychic Energy
13 Electric Energy
1 Potion Energy

Thanks for the congrats regarding the tournament. I thought that the tournament was well run and there was a lot of excellent competition there. Kudos to all the players that competed that weekend... I love to play with others who enjoy Pokemon too! *^_^*

So, it looks like you've been playing around with the ideas of a quick strike deck. There aren't a lot of changes I'd make in your choice of Pokemon, though I'd probably recommend swapping out all the different Pikachus and focus on the Movie Promo ones. These are incredibly fast. Let's also move your Raichus over to the Dark Side if you can get them.

Pokemon (13 Basic + 3 Evols = 16 Total):
4 Pikachu (Movie)
3 Dark Raichu
3 Mewtwo (Movie)
3 Scyther
3 Electabuzz

Energy, we want to mainly focus on Lightning, but we'll want that Psychic from time to time to fill up our Mewtwo's need for power. Double Colorless really isn't that powerful in this deck, so we'll actually swap those out in favor of Rainbow Energy.

Energy (16 Basic + 4 Special = 20 Total):
10 Lightning
6 Psychic
4 Rainbow

That leaves us with 24 trainers for the rest of the deck. Obviously we'll want to help focus on our quick theme through card drawing, and toss in the Plus Powers for those quick hitting. We'll fill in the rest with some minor disruption.

Trainers (24 Total):
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
4 Plus Power
2 Narrow Gym
3 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Gust of Wind

Just don't play too fast or your opponent won't know what hit them ;)