Yo, Kittyfox! I need my deck to be tweaked up a bit. I haven't used it 
yet, but i think it should do well. Most people in my area use some form of 
water, but there are very few Rain Dance. 
Here is my deck:
Pokemon 14
4x Magmar 
4x Blaine's Tauros
3x Aerodactyl
3x Erica's Dratini
Trainers 28
4x Oak 
4xScoop Up 
4x ER
4x Plus Power
3x SER
3x NGR
3x M. Fossil
3x RSA
Energy 18
14x Fire
4x DCE
            My basic strategy is to get out 'Dactyl on turn 2, then use B. 
Tauros to KO my opponent, with Magmar and Dratini for backup.  Thanx! 
Due to the East Coast STS rules, I'm going to show everyone how they might modify and make this deck ready for that tournament. I will be doing this style of a fix for the rest of the month of October. 3 max of any card except basic energy and 15 trainers...

Fire has become a very viable color in the new Prop15/3c format, and Blaine's Arcanine is among some of the top competitors for bragging rights in this revised version of the rules. Let's squeeze the puppy lineup into your Pokemon mix as we prepare it for Prop15/3C.

Pokemon (15 Basic + 5 Evols = 20 Total):
3 Magmar (Fossil)
3 Blaine's Growlithe (L20)
2 Blaine's Arcanine
3 Aerodactyl
3 Blaine's Tauros
3 Erika's Dratini
3 Scyther

For energy, we focus on Fire and Specials.

Energy (20 Basic + 5 Special = 25 Total):
20 Fire
3 Double Colorless
2 Full Heal Energy

That leaves us with room for our 15 trainers. We want to focus on card drawing.

Trainers (15 Total):
3 Erika
3 Professor Oak
1 Computer Search
3 Mysterious Fossil
1 Cinnabar City Gym
2 Gust of Wind
2 Item Finder

Good luck to you in your battles!