I just made an Erika deck for the east coast sts. Please help make any
changes to it that would make it better.

Pokemon 18
3 E. Oddish (gym challenge)
3 E. Gloom (70HP)
3 E. Vileplume
3 E. Dratini
3 E. Dragonair
3 Scythers

Trainers 15
3 Professor Oak
3 Erika Maids
3 Computer Search
3 Celadon City Gym
3 Gust of Wind

Energy 27
24 Grass

I've played this deck some and its done ok winning about half the games I
played, although its hard to test it when no one else wants to play with the
15t/3c format :( Thanks for fixing my deck (or at least reading down to

Due to the East Coast STS rules, I'm going to show everyone how they might modify and make this deck ready for that tournament. I will be doing this style of a fix for the rest of the month of October. 3 max of any card except basic energy and 15 trainers...

Looking through your deck, I can see one problem immediately. You are only playing with 9 basics. While this worked well in the old 4c format, it doesn't work well at all in the Prop15/3C format. You really need to have your basic count up closer to 12-15. That in mind, let's take a look at the ones you've chosen. Erika's Oddish family and Scythers are both weak to fire. Something that will, no doubt, cause us a headache. Even Erika's Dratini and Dragonair aren't effective against fire. Thus, we need to find a Pokemon that may be more effective.

What I'd probably recommend doing in this deck is to split the color into two. Either choose Electric for Electabuzz, Fire for Magmar, or Water for Lapras. Today, I'm feeling charged. So let's choose Electric.

Pokemon (12 Basic + 8 Evols = 20 Total):
3 Erika's Oddish (L10)
3 Erika's Gloom (L28)
3 Erika's Vileplume
3 Erika's Dratini
2 Erika's Dragonair
3 Scyther
3 Electabuzz

For energy, we focus on Grass and Electric.

Energy (20 Basic + 5 Special = 25 Total):
12 Grass
8 Electric
3 Double Colorless
2 Full Heal Energy

That leaves us with room for our 15 trainers. We want to focus on card drawing and disruption.

Trainers (15 Total):
3 Erika
3 Professor Oak
2 Celadon City Gym
3 Gust of Wind
2 Imposter Oak's Revenge
2 Item Finder

Good luck to you in your battles!