Original Deck

Pokèmon: 17
2 Alakazam
3 Kadabra
4 Abra (1 TR)
3 Magmar (F)
2 Chansey
2 Snorlax
1 Kangaskhan

Trainers: 21
4 Scoop Up
4 Defender
3 Pokèmon Center
2 Super Potion
2 Clefairy Doll
2 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Bill
1 Oak

Energy: 22
13 Psychic
6 Fire

The strategy of this deck is to get Chansey up with Alakazam and another Chansey on the bench ASAP. Magmar, Snorlax, and Kangaskhan are there to stall till I get the a fore mentioned strategy to work. Scoop Up is for scooping a loaded Chansey. Defender for letting Chansey get in 3 double edges. Pokèmon Center for healing a loaded Chansey. Super Potion for letting anyone live longer. Clefairy Doll is in there so that Alakazam can load up a chansey then swap it all to Clefairy Doll (I have written WotC and they say this works). NGR for keeping from decking. Bill because all decks need drawing power. Oak is the situational random card. I only have trouble against Sponge and Haymaker decks. And the occasional Trainer Disruption deck, but I've only run across one of those around here. I'm not sure what to change right now. I was thinking of taking out the Kadabra for Pokèmon Breeder, but haven't yet. If you could give me a hand with this deck I'd appreciate it. Thanks,


Deck Fix

Deck Focus
   Well, this is great. Not much to comment on deck focus. You have a theme, and all the cards in the deck support it. Very nice.

   The pokemon choice needs a bit of work. In order to increase the consistancy of the deck, you'll want to increase the number of alakazams and kadabras to 4. Also, snorlax isn't really the best for alakazam. with 4 retreat and less hit points than chansey, you're better swapping out the snorlaxes for chanseys. Also, Kangaskhan to help you get the evolutions is a great idea since you have scoop ups, but we'll have to add lass for this. More on that later. So now we're at 20 pokemon, 3 more than before. We'll cut a couple energy for this.

   Since Mysterious Fossil was taken out, there's 4 extra cards right now. We need to save a couple slots for trainers, but the energy definately needs changed around a bit. Since mewtwo absorbs, and the scyther's attacks are not very energy intensive (and you should be protecting your oddish/gloom/vileplume line, not attacking with it), you have some room for the colorless energies from the rocket set, so nice job on having those in there :). They have great benefits and not that bad of a drawback (i mean, both scyther's and mewtwo, all your main attacking pokemon, use colorless energy...). Take out 3 psychic and a grass since there's a bunch of energy in this deck that isn't entirely necessary. Now there's some extra trainers to add in, which should speed the deck up as you requested ;). Also, add in another DCE. These things are very important, and definately will help your deck out if you have 4 of them.

   While your trainer choice was pretty good, there will need to be a few changes. Drop the super potions and clefairy dolls. That Clefairy Doll damage swap idea shouldn't work - I think wizards probably misunderstood you when you asked the question or something of that nature. Anyway, take out 3 bills and add 3 erikas. Since you have a damage swap deck going, it's nice to have the ability to stall easily if your opponent goes oak happy. This will give them the cards they think they need, while it's realy just running their deck down. Increase the number of pokemon centers to 4. This will definately help with the chansey double edge idea. Also, you'll want 2 oaks instead of 1, and add 2 pokemon traders as well to get the alakazam line running smoothly. Also, you'll want about 2 item finders to get the defenders back, and then 2 trash exchanges so you can get the defenders, pokemon centers, and scoop ups back to keep the combo going. The last trainer change will be lass. With lass not only can you increase your deck at the end, but also get your evolution lines in your hand and then lass, taking away your opponent's disruptive power and decreasing their chances of getting a bunch of fresh cards to help them quickly take care of your alakazam. This will allow you to get the combo out and ready while your opponent scrambles for card advantage.

   You really shouldn't need to attack much with this deck with anything besides chansey. Consider it a combo deck. If you can get the combo out, with the defenders to back it up, there's going to be a very small chance of your opponent being able to beat it, and if you're building up a chansey on the bench at the same time, they'll have a very tough time. Get alakazam up and running as soon as possible, and keep playing energy on chansey until you get it all built up. Then, throw on defenders. Keep chansey pounding away and get the defenders back with trash exchange. erikas and oaks help you get cards you need, while letting your opponent draw some cards and get low on deck in case you wish to stall them out late game, which is a very good asset to have in a damage swap deck. Overall, a pretty nice deck.

Final Deck

Pokemon: 20
4 Abra
4 Kadabra
4 Alakazam
4 Chansey
3 Magmar
1 Kangaskhan

Energy: 19
4 Double Colorless Energy
8 Psychic Energy
7 Fire Energy

Trainers: 21
4 Scoop Up
4 Defenderr
4 Pokemon Center
3 Erika
2 Professor Oak
2 Lass
2 Pokemon Trader

Good luck with the deck!