Original Deck

Greetings! I've recently developed a new deck, that uses Aerodactyl, Dark Vileplume, and Mew to shut down your opponents evolutions AND use of Trainers! I've named it (obviously) Giga Lockdown. I'm aware it's quite slow to start, so I need a way to both strengthen it, and speed it up.

Oddish (TR) x4
Dk Gloom x3
Dark Vileplume x2 (one holo and one non-holo. Wizards doesn't make errata here...)
Aerodactyl x3
Mew x2
Mewtwo (MP) x2
Scyther x2
Rocket Scyther x2

Mysterious Fossil x4
Prof. Oak x2
Pokémon Breeder x2
Boss's Way x4

Potion Energy x3
DCE x3
Full Heal Energy x3
Grass x8
Psychic x11

Hope you can help my deck, and Thank You in advance!

-Scott Johnson

Deck Fix

Deck Focus
   First of all, hi Scott! Anyway, on to the deck... While I like you wanting to prepare for everything, planning to take out evolutions and stop your opponent from playing trainers at the same time, it is simply unrealistic to fit both of these strategies into one deck, with enough energy and trainers needed to keep this deck running. Theres two ways to look at what to do with this deck (which strategy to pick). First of all, the metagame is important. If the trainer count is very high, with haymakers running around like crazy, vileplume is the most obvious choice. However, if the trainer count is low and lots of pokemon and lots of evolutions, aerodactyl would be the key choice. Given the information I have, I'll go with the Vileplume choice. If they're running few trainers, they probably won't be able to get their evolutions out consistantly, and the deck won't be as tough to beat. However, haymakers with tons of trainers are very consistant, and aerodactyl won't hurt them. Since haymaker is the harder deck to beat, we'll go with the one that has the best shot at haymakers, and hope that it can still defeat the other evolutions without them having breeders or a search engine to get the evolutions out. With the deck more focused, you'll get what you need more often. This will help you out in that your deck will have more consistancy, and by taking out the aerodactyl line not only do you get more trainers to get the vileplume's out, but also you get more vileplumes to make the chances of getting the evolutions at the same time greater. Also, this will let you oak away a couple of the evolutions if you cant get the oddish out and are stuck with a couple evos in your hand. All in all, this should make the deck more consistant and better rounded.

   First off, the pokemon choice. Already we've decided to trash the aerodactyl line. That leaves an extra 7 cards. Add 2 vileplumes. Now we have 5 extra cards, with 12 basics. Get rid of the Mew's - they are really weak and since the aerodactyl line is gone, their use is rather limited and pointless... Now add another Movie Promo Mewtwo and a Rocket's Scyther. The mewtwo should be able to take out magmar, which will be a big threat for this deck. Also, add in another scyther. With the dark gloom pokemon power, scyther works great, retreating for free after confusing yourself, and confusing your opponent so they attack themselves instead of you. That should give an extra bonus to your deck, scyther's free retreat is great, and you already have the grass energy.

   Since Mysterious Fossil was taken out, there's 4 extra cards right now. We need to save a couple slots for trainers, but the energy definately needs changed around a bit. Since mewtwo absorbs, and the scyther's attacks are not very energy intensive (and you should be protecting your oddish/gloom/vileplume line, not attacking with it), you have some room for the colorless energies from the rocket set, so nice job on having those in there :). They have great benefits and not that bad of a drawback (i mean, both scyther's and mewtwo, all your main attacking pokemon, use colorless energy...). Take out 3 psychic and a grass since there's a bunch of energy in this deck that isn't entirely necessary. Now there's some extra trainers to add in, which should speed the deck up as you requested ;). Also, add in another DCE. These things are very important, and definately will help your deck out if you have 4 of them.

   Okay, the trainers you have right now are pretty good. However, you'll need a bit more if you wanna pull this combo off quickly, before they can gain an advantage with a large number of trainers. 4 Oaks is a must, and 3 Misty's Wrath will help you find the important evolutions you need in the beginning and discarding a bunch of the energy, without having to lose the evolutions in your current hand. No computer searches because with 7 cards that let you access 7 cards from your deck, you should be able to get what you need relatively quickly and efficiently. Also, since the pokemon you should be needing desparately are dark evolutions, the boss's way should get them for you. However, since you have so much card drawing, only 2 of these should be necessary. This should speed up your deck a bunch and get the vileplume off by turn 2 or 3. Lass is a cool addition. If you get the evolutions all in your hand at the same time, you can lass away and they won't have time to recover before you get the vileplume out. This should cripple them enough to where they can't recover without trainers to give them a card advantage. If you can get a turn 1 lass and turn 3 vileplume off, your opponent won't have much of a chance.

   Get a turn 2 or 3 vileplume off and beat them down slowly and consistantly, without them having the opportunity to build up with the reliance on trainers most decks currently have. This has changed a little from the beginning. Instead of relying on aerodactyl to take out evolutions, you rely on vileplume to prevent your opponent from getting the evolutions in the first place - or if they do, it should be late enough in the game to not make a difference. Effectively, by taking out aerodactyl, the objective of your deck isn't changing, while the way you accomplish it is being simplified.

Final Deck

Pokemon: 20
4 Oddish (TR)
3 Dk Gloom
4 Dark Vileplume
3 Mewtwo (MP)
3 Scyther
3 Rocket Scyther

Energy: 25
4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Potion Energy
3 Full Heal Energy
7 Grass Energy
8 Psychic Energy

Trainers: 15
4 Professor Oak
4 Pokemon breeder
3 Misty's Wrath
2 Boss's Way
2 Lass

Good luck with the deck!