Original Deck

The Don't Mix
Water and Electricity Deck

Pokemon (21)
4 Squirtle (2 base 2 Rocket)
3 Wartortle (base)
2 Dark Wartortle
2 Blastoise (base)
1 Dark Blastoise
4 Pikachu (3 Jungle 1 pokemon the First Movie Promo)
2 Raichu (Base)
1 Dark Raichu
2 Lt. Surge's Pikachu
1 Lt. Surge's Raichu

Trainers (11)
1 Here Comes Team Rocket!
2 Computer Searches
3 Poke'balls
2 Professor Oaks
3 Recycles

Energies (24)
14 Water
14 Lightning


Deck Fix

Deck Focus
   Definately a problem here. Your deck is obviously blastoise and raichu, but there's too many kinds... Instead of actually having a focus, it appears you just saw raichus and blastoises were powerful, and threw them in the deck... You'll need to focus your deck more toward one of each evolution, add some basics so that you have enough to support these 2 evolutions, and then edit your trainers so they truly fit into the deck.


   Youch. This definately needs some help. We'll start by cutting out the Lt. Surge's Pikachu and Raichu line. You can probably pull off a stage 1 and stage 2 evolution like this, with blastoise and raichu, but it will definately be a tough deck to play. So I'll assume that instead of making this deck all water and going with rain dance, you decided you'd simply use blastoise to power itself and dark blastoise up. And then dark raichu and raichu will just be used as a separate powerful pokemon. We'll cut down to 1 dark wartortle and 1 wartortle, hoping to use pokemon breeder to evolve instead. Also, add 1 Dark Raichu. You now have 8 basics and plenty of evolutions. You'll need more basics to get this deck running quickly. Add 3 Electabuzz and 3 Lapras for this purpose. Also, you won't be stuck with weak low HP basics each game this way.

   Nicely balanced, but you really don't need this much. If you get a bigger search engine going, you shouldn't need so much energy. 12 water and 12 lightning should be enough, and it will add room for pokemon breeder, while giving you enough energy to power the costly evolutions.


   This area needs quite a bit of work as well. The pokeballs, recycles, and here comes team rocket are basically pointless or not worth it, so get rid of them. This leaves us with 12 slots open for trainers. Add 2 computer searches and oaks, along with 4 breeders and 2 Nightly Garbage runs. Also, 2 No Removal Gym's would be nice. Then your deck can be

   Okay, now that the deck is done this is relatively simple. Build up the evolutions, preferably blastoise and dark blastoise ASAP. This will allow you to attack for 70 and KO haymaker pokes in one hit. Attack with buzz and lapras early to give you time to get the evos out and built up. This should keep your opponent on their toes, and then finish them off with the evolutions :)

Final Deck

Pokemon: 16
4 Squirtle (2 base & 2 rocket)
1 Wartortle
1 Dark Wartortle
4 Pikachu (3 jungle, 1 movie promo)
3 Electabuzz
3 Lapras

Energy: 24
12 Water Energy
12 Lightning Energy

Trainers: 20
4 Pokemon Breeder
4 Computer Search
4 Professor Oak
4 Pokemon Breeder
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 No Removal Gym

Good luck with the deck!