Original Deck

Matt Stein
Beat mp mewtwo with persain and chan with venomoth

anti mewtwo and chan

3x venonat
2x venomoth
2x mr.mime
4x persian

1x prof. oak
2x bill
3 pokemon trader
3x energy removal
2x pluspower
3xgust of wind
3x potion
2x super potion
3x gambler

12x grass
9x psycic
2x DCE

This is a tottaly origanal metagame deck.

Deck Fix

Deck Focus
   Deck focus is better than many other decks that pass through here. You have an objective, and the cards all work towards it. nice.


   First of all, you definately need more basics. With 2 evolutions and only 9 basics, you'll often be stuck with a weak basic. With 3 venonats, 2 mime's and 4 meowths, you won't ever start with a basic with more than 40 HP. Also, the evolutions. Since you're playing evolutions, you'll need a few turns to build a pokemon up and then come out with it powered up, and while that one gets ko'd, you should have another ready, etc. What you need to pull this off is a high HP basic with either low retreat or that you can sacrifice early game to take board control away from your opponent by attacking with a powerful evolution. So you need the high hitpoint basic. Since you already have resistance to fighting in venemoth, and persian can take out the mewtwo's relatively easily, we don't really need to worry about weakness and resistance. So chansey or kangaskhan are both perfect for the job. Kangaskhan has a few less hit points and higher retreat, but allows you to draw cards. Chansey has a few more hit points so it can last usually a turn longer, and you don't waste an energy on it for drawing cards. This, in effect, gives you two turns worth of energy placement of an advantage over kangaskhan. So we'll go with chansey. Add 3 of these. Don't worry about saving the chansey if you start out with it - it's meant to be sacrificed. Also, we'll want to strengthen your venemoth evolution line. Since persian works nice, and there are space concerns due to having 2 evolutions in your deck, 4 venonats and 3 venemoths should work nice. Basic count now up to 13. Pokemon look good. Unfortunately, adding 2 venonats, a venemoth, and 3 chanseys means we'll have to take 6 cards away from other areas.


   We need to remove one energy... first of all, the psychic in this deck has little use. only need one per mime, and 2 mimes. In order to draw them with the mimes, you can safely use 6 psychic. Add 2 Double Colorless Energy, and that will account for the last card, and provide your persian with quicker energy, which will be nice against the quick haymaker.


   Professor oak is better than gambler, plain and simple. While you may wanna put pokemon and energy back into your deck, if they're in your hand they should be useful. We'll use NGR to get back lost pokemon necessary for evolution, and take out the gamblers. So add 2 oaks, and 2 Nightly Garbage Runs. Since we are running evolutions and they are not, energy removal works better for your opponent than this deck. Take out the energy removals and add 2 no removal gyms. Now lets add 1 more Pokemon Trader. This makes it so we can get the evolutions we want, trade away evolutions we don't have the basics for, safely oak, and provide an extra search engine if oak and bill don't work out. With 4 pokemon traders, computer search really isn't necessary. Evolutions are what you need to win this game, so trading 1 for 1 instead of discarding 2 is a more effective option. Also, take out the potions and super potions. They may be nice, but super potion takes away an energy. In an evolution deck, the last thing you need to do is give your opponent a free energy removal. And as for potion, 2 damage counters removed for 1 card is pretty costly... and since we need a bit more space due to the pokemon added, it's more convenient to take these than the energy you'll need to power your attacks. Trainers look good now.


   just a couple notes. Try to open off with chansey. Let it get KO'd, if necessary, and have an evolution build up. Play no removal gym to take care of your opponent's ER/SER'ing you to death. By the time your chansey is dead, you should have an evo up and running. Search engine involves pokemon trader, oak, and bill, and that should get your evolutions when necessary. While attacking with this evolution, build up a 2nd, and repeat this process until you have successfully taken 6 prizes or wiped out their bench :)

Final Deck

Pokemon: 20
4 Venonat
3 Venemoth
4 Meowth
4 Persian
3 Chansey
2 Mr. Mime

Energy: 22
12 Grass Energy
6 Psychic Energy
4 Double colorless Energy

Trainers: 18
3 Professor Oak
2 Bill
4 Pokemon Trader
2 No Removal Gym
2 Pluspower
3 Gust of Wind
2 Nightly Garbage Run

Good luck with the deck!