Date:   10/02/2000 7:54:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Erick Pierce)
Reply-to: (Erick Pierce)

Deck Name: Dark Mind
Psychic Energy:         23
Pokémon (27)
Sabrina’s Gastly40:     4
Sabrina’s Haunter70:   3
Sabrina’s Gengar80:    2
Fossil Gastly:             4
Fossil Haunter:           3
Fossil Gengar:            2
Fire Drowzee:             3
Fossil Hypno:             2
Brock’s Zobat30:         2
Brock’s Gobat:            2

Trainers (10)
Nighttime Garbage Collection: 3
Potion:                                  3
Gambler:                               2
Pokémon Trader:                    2
Strategy:  Use hypno and gobat to hurt all of the oppinet's pokémon and then
use sabrina's gengar to do  Amplify.  The fossil gengar is used to make sure
that evey single of the opinet's pokémon will stay hurt and for thoes little
sneak attacks.


If anyone else knows when they are going to release a fire drowzee please
email me.


Pokemon: Ummmmmm, 27?!!??!? I guess this is where the most work is needed.
I think this is the first deck that i've fixed that is just too focused.

Ok, sabrina's line is lookin pretty good. So we'll keep them around. The
original gengar line though just slows this deck down too much. My advise
would be to entirely remove this line. The Hypno line is pretty good at what
it does, so in they stay. The golbat line is just junk, don't even bother.

Ok, that 9 slots from gengar and another 4 from golbat. Totaling 13. Add in a
couple of lickitung and move on to the trainers.

Trainers: Ok, if we add in the 11 spots from the pokemon and another 3 slots
from taking out some energy we'll have a respectable amound of trainers to
use. Actually dump the other trainers aside from the NGR's too. That gives us
another seven slots. So 21 open slots to play with... cool.

Ok, too many changes to list so i'll just get straight to the final listing

Pokemon: (16)

4 Sabrina's Gastly
3 Sabrina's Haunter
2 Sabrina's Gengar

3 Drowsee (TR)
2 Hypno

2 Lickitung

Trainers: (24)

4 Oak =)
3 Bill
3 CPU search
4 Plus Power
3 Gust of Wind
2 No Removal Gym (build up hypno)
2 Item Finder

Energy: (20)

18 Psychic Energy

Like i said, there was gonna be alot of changes to the trainers. Hope that

Justusdux "Dux"