Subj:    Poison Deck
Date:   10/10/2000 1:42:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sari Tammelin)

Hello! The deck:

3 Nidoran
3 Nidorino
2 Nidoking
3 Venonat
2 Venomoth
3 Scyther
2 Lickitung

22 grass energy

1 Erika
2 Lass
3 Computer Search
2 Super potion
1 Item Finder
2 Professor Oak
3 Bill
3 Gust Of Wind
3 Switch

Stall with lickitung and play scyther, and get evolutions.


Well folks, this is my last week. It's been great helping out as many people
as possible, but it's just time for me to move on. You can still message me
any questions that you have about pokemon, magic, video games or wrestling.
Thanks for the oppurtunity here =)



Is this spose to be used under the prop 15 3C format? It really looks like
it. Well guess what, i'll stick to the old format if you don't mind.

Ok, add in another nidoran to add a little more constistency in getting out
nidoking. Then dump the nidorino's entirely and add in three pokemon
breeders. You may want to add back in a nidorino if people have the habit of
sneaking your breeders.
After that though, the poke's look fine.


Whenever i see the potions i just shudder. They're gone. Also take out the
one erika as she is pretty bad in this deck. Ok, take out three grass energy
for now. That six open spots to help out. We'll make one of those into the
aformentioned nidorino, leaving us fives spots.
Let's add in another cpu, another oak and another bill to fill up the usual
suspects. For the last two spots we'll put in nighly garbage runs. Oh and
take out four grass energy for four DCE's.

Ok here's the final listing:

Pokemon (18)

4 Nidoran
1 Nidorino
3 Nidoking

3 Venonat
2 Venomoth

3 Scyther

2 Lickitung

Trainers (23)

4 Bill
4 Oak
2 Lass
3 Gust
3 Switch
1 Item Finder

Energy (19)

15 Grass Energy

Thats the end of the second to last fix. Hope it helped.

Justusdux "Dux"