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Dark Mind
Deck Type: Psychic
(Challenged by Dux)
October 4, 2000


Deck Name: Dark Mind
Psychic Energy:         23
Pokémon (27)
Sabrina’s Gastly40:     4
Sabrina’s Haunter70:   3
Sabrina’s Gengar80:    2
Fossil Gastly:             4
Fossil Haunter:           3
Fossil Gengar:            2
Fire Drowzee:             3
Fossil Hypno:             2
Brock’s Zobat30:         2
Brock’s Gobat:            2
Trainers (10)
Nighttime Garbage Collection: 3
Potion:                                  3
Gambler:                               2
Pokémon Trader:                    2
Strategy:  Use hypno and gobat to hurt all of the oppinet's pokémon and then use sabrina's gengar to do  Amplify.  The fossil gengar is used to make sure that evey single of the opinet's pokémon will stay hurt and for thoes little sneak attacks.


Hey, um...  you...

Okay, little problem with the strategy here... why even switch away from Brock's Golbat to Sabrina's Gengar in the first place?  Actually, B's Golbat does more damage cause he also hits the active.  See what I mean? 


I'm dumping the Sabrina's line altogether.  And B's Golbat.  Let's just go with the Dark Mind theme. It is just way too difficult to run 4 evolution families.  I'm adding Erika's Dratini to boost your basic count and give you a nice starter.  The fossil Gengar line is in my opinion the best evolutionary family in Psychic.  Fossil Drowzee (aka: Fire(?) Drowzee) is kinda eh, but Hypno works, though you'll have to be careful with his weakness to Psychic.  Another reason I added the Drat.


Has WotC mentioned Prop 10 or something??  What the heck is up with only having 10 trainers, yet running 4 evolutionary families, dude?  Yikes!  The very thought makes me shudder...  Here's a whole bunch of new ones.


We'll cut the Psychic a bit and add some DCE for the Drats.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #18
4 Fossil Gastly
3 Fossil Haunter
2 Fossil Gengar

3 Drowzee
2 Fossil Hypno

4 Erika's Dratini

Trainers - #23
2 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Professor Oak
4 Bill
3 Gust of Wind
3 Pokemon Trader
3 Computer Search
2 Switch
3 Item Finder

Energy - #19
16 Psychic
3 Double Colorless Energy


Here ya go, and to see another perspective and fix, go check out Dux and his infamous keyboard ensemble *shudders*.... ;)

 ~ Doll

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