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Fire + Water = Steam?
October 25, 2000


Name: Jesse
mIRC nickname: (if you have one): Drunk Monkey
Email: Address:pat50@athenet.net
Skill Level: novice
Speed Metagame in your area: slow
Strategy of your deck: Beat Down (heavy hitting)
Deck Name: Fire + Water = Steam?
Deck Listing
Pokémon: 22
2x Blaine's ponyta
2x Blaine's Rapidash
1x Magmar (fossil)
2x Dratini (T.R.)
2x Dark Dragonair
1x Dark Dragonite
1x Lapras
1x Arcticuno
1x Magikarp (T.R.)
1x Dark Gyrados (favorite pokemon)
1x Blaine's Growlithe
1x Blaine's Arcanine
3x Eevee (T.R.)
1x Vaporeon
1x Dark Vaporeon
1x Dark Flareon
Trainers : 19
1x Brock
2x Gust of wind
1x The Boss's Way
1x Professor Oak
1x pokedex
3x Nightly Garbage Run
3x potion
1x Sabrina's gaze
1x computer search
3x Bill
1x Blaine
1x Blaine's Quiz #1
Energy Types: 19
8x water
7x fire
2x Rainbow
1x Potion energy
1x full heal energy
Other info you feel is important: This seems to make for a slow game, i was wondering what you would do to make it more of a fast paced deck.  Also i have bought many many team rocket boosters and i am yet to see what a double colorless energy card is...
thank you, sincerely,


Hey, Jesse...

I wanted to fix a novice deck, since I don't do too many of them.  You were good enough to admit you are a novice and to tell me the problems with the deck.  I'm going to try to stick with the theme of your deck, keeping water and fire both. Also, I note that Dark Gyarados is your favorite, so even though I like Base Set Gyarados better, I'll stick with him for ya. I think the main problem with the deck is that you have very little focus. For example, you list a lot of singles.  Now, I'm going to assume from your comments that you don't have tons of Rares lying around, so I won't go overboard.  And by the way, Double Colorless Energy comes in the Base Set 1 and 2 packs only.


Whoa!! Way too wacky for me, here. Let's pick out a few of the best and stick to those.  Magickarp has Rapid Evolution to help you get Gyarados out.  Promo Eevee has chain reaction. So when you evolve to Gyarados, you can also evolve to Flareon or Vaporeon at the same time.  The 2 lines work well together. Articuno and Lapras are great basics, but I'm going to assume that you only have 1 of each since you didn't put anymore in.  As far as Fire, the Blaine's Arcanine line is a great one.  If you cannot get a hold of the rare Blaine's Arcanine, the base set Arcanine and Growlithe are also fantastic.


More focus is needed here, also. I've kept your best trainers, and added No Removal Gym and Energy Retrieval.


I adjusted your numbers.  You really need to get some DCE's if you can. They work REALLY well with B's Arcanine.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #20

1 Lapras
1 Articuno
3 Magikarp (TR)
2 Dark Gyarados (favorite Pokémon)
3 Blaine's Growlithe
2 Blaine's Arcanine
2 Magmar (fossil)
3 Eevee Promo
2 Vaporeon
1 Dark Flareon

Trainers - #20
3 Professor Oak
4 Bill
3 Gust of Wind
3 Computer Search
2 No Removal Gym
2 Nightly Garbage Run

3 Energy Retrieval

Energy - #20
10 Water Energy
10 Fire Energy


Have fun!

 ~ Doll

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