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Anti Mewtwo and Chan
Cross fix with Jedi
October 11, 2000


Matt Stein




Beat mp mewtwo with persain and chan with venomoth

anti mewtwo and chan

3x venonat
2x venomoth
2x mr.mime
4x persian

1x prof. oak
2x bill
3 pokemon trader
3x energy removal
2x pluspower
3xgust of wind
3x potion
2x super potion
3x gambler

12x grass
9x psycic
2x DCE

This is a tottaly origanal metagame deck.

Hey, Matt...

Hey! I like this deck.... probably because I came up with an extremely similar one about 9 months ago... hehe!  I called it "Hit and Run" because all of the Pokemon I used had no retreat cost.  I used Scyther instead of Mime.  Anyhow, for old time's sake, I thought I'd update this wonderful non-arch for you.


Let's bring in some newer versions to spruce up this deck a bit.  Venomoth has always been a great card, but I think it has been one-up'd by its new Sabrina version.  'Nat can poison, and you have a 75% chance of confusion with Sabrina's Venomoth.  Meowth SUCKS, unfortunately, so I'll cut him back to 3, and add in Scyther as an excellent basic for this deck.  If Mime isn't working out well for you, consider trying Erika's Dratini.


It seems your deck runs a slower engine concept, so we'll keep it that way.  Let's see.... Gambler just isn't dependable enough. We'll add to your Oaks instead.  Super Potion is energy removal on yourself, so let's dump that and Potion for something more useful.  Pokemon Trader works well since we've added to your Pokemon count.  Since 30 is your top attack, we'll top out your PlusPowers.  I'm adding Energy Retrieval and Nightly Garbage Run to cut back on your energy a bit.


4 DCEs are in order since Scyther and Persian can both utilize them.  I reduced your basic energy count some.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #17
3 Sabrina's Venonat
3 Sabrina's Venomoth
2 Mr. Mime
3 Meowth
3 Persian
3 Scyther

Trainers - #23
3 Professor Oak
2 Bill
2 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
3 Pokemon Trader
2 Energy Retrieval
4 PlusPower
3 Gust of wind
2 Nightly Garbage Run

Energy - #20
10 Grass
6 Psychic


Hope this updated version of one of my favorite non-archetypes works out well for you.  To get a different perspective on your deck, head on over to Jedi's Jerkwater Jungle.  Chad is one of the best players in the world and a great guy! =) 

 ~ Doll

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