Wow. I'm speechless. There are sure a lot of Sailor Moon fans
out there. I received many creative and fascinating decks.
Apparently the Pretty Soldiers are very popular amongst gamers. I
suspected this, but wasn't sure.
   Before I get into the best decks, I'll share mine. I promised to
make one too and don't intend to fail in that aspect.

      Crash's Love and Justice Deck

    4 Nidoran Males (The male sign is also the sign for Sailor Mars.)
    3 Nidoran Females (The female sign is the symbol of Sailor
    4 Jigglypuffs (Cute, bewitching and surprisingly tough, like
Renie, aka Sailor Mini-Moon)
    3 Wigglytuffs (Look kind of like a rabbit and evolve with a Moon
Stone in the GB. So they're Sailor Moon.)
    3 Electabuzz (What better Pokemon to emulate Sailor Jupiter's
Thunderclash Zap! ?)
    2 Jungle Meowths (For Luna and Artemis, who can sometimes
come up with nifty little bonuses to use.)

    3 Bills (Well, something has to symbolize Melvin!)
    2 Professor Oaks (Like Tuxedo Mask, this card is invaluable and
always welcome in a fight.)
    3 Computer Searches (Sailor Mercury's handy dandy palm
    2 Lass (If you have Melvin, you have to have Molly, or is it
Mawly? LOL)
    2 Energy Flow (Those pesky portals to the Negaverse.)
    3 PlusPower (That cool attack where the Scouts get into a circle
and combine their powers.)
    3 Rocket Sneak Attacks (Just like Tuxedo Mask's rose, it
comes out of nowhere and hurts.)
    1 Team Rocket Minion (Random stupid enemy that gets the tar
beat out of it and always slows down the Scouts.)
    2 Secret Mission (I mean c'mon. NOBODY else in Tokyo
notices these battles and huge disturbances in time and space???)
    2 Pokemon Centers (The Sailor Scout's second wind. It
ALWAYS happens...admit it.)   
    1 Charity (Serena just hates to hurt people, you know?)

   4 Double Colorless Energy (Ummm....)
   6 Grass Energy (Well, I guess it takes Energy to fight.)
   7 Lightning Energy (Same as before, you can't fight without it.)

  Well, my deck won't win any tournaments, but it is functional and
amusing. It certainly seems to fit the theme quite nicely. So now
let's see how other people may have done it.
    Here's a good deck based around the newer episodes of Sailor
Moon. This one comes from Adam Martin,

     Hello, Doc! I didn't try last week, but if it's one thing I know, it's
My name's Adam Martin (Creator of the Sonic Shadows deck) and
here's my
Sailor Moon theme deck: Pretty Soldier Pummel!

3x -- Ponyta (Mainly just a warm up for...)
2x -- Rapidash (Pegasus!)
3x -- Fossil Magmar (Endowed with power of Fire it's--Sailor Mars!)
3x -- Electabuzz (Make way for the Sparkling Wide Crasher--It's
3x -- Scyther (Weilder of the Silent Scythe, I present the Sailor
Scout of
Destruction--Sailor Saturn!)
2x -- Ditto (Alright girls, it's time to Transform!)
4x -- Bill (From way back when--All the guys with Rainbow Crystals
2x -- Professor Oak (Give the guy a turbon and a saber, and he
could be a
dead ringer for the Moonlight Knight! Aka--Tuxedo Mask in a
3x -- Imposter Professor Oak (This card is perfect for a theme
deck! Can
say "Doctor Tomoe"? I knew you could!)
3x -- Tickling Machine (May not be a good card to play with, but it
represents the tickling battles between the Scouts perfectly!)
2x -- Computer Search (I had to find room for Amy some how, and
way than with a computer?)
3x -- Rocket's Sneak Attack (Those nasty Heart Snatchers and
are just always waiting for some way to make a sneaky attack on
2x -- Digger (Not a very good representation, she deserves better--
but in
way, it reminds me of the Uranus World Shaking attack.)
3x -- Plus Power (Sorta of like when Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini
Moon turn
into Super Sailor Scouts)
2x -- Lass (What better card to put into a deck that revolves around
Pretty Soldiers?)
4x -- Double Colorless Energy
6x -- Electric Energy
10x -- Fire Energy

And, that's pretty much it! I hope you enjoyed the deck, and I can't
until the next Theme Challenge!

      I liked that one a lot. You used some pretty cool and different
references. And you used a sucky card like Digger. You get bonus
points for that. Doctor Tomoe is cool too. I liked him better when he
was evil. He turned out to be a putz as a nice guy.

      The next deck comes by way of Edgar Figaro.

       Dear Doc,

Here's my idea for a Sailor Moon theme deck.

Pokemon: 14

3 Jigglypuff (Has that round shape, like the meatballs in her hair)
2 Wigglytuff (Needs a 'Moon' stone to evolve in the Gameboy game)
3 Fossil Magmar (Mars Celestial Fire Surround)
3 Electabuzz (As shocking as Sailor Jupiter)
3 Lickitung (Venus Love Tung-errr, Chain Encircle)

Trainers: 26

4 Bill (Always coming to the rescue like Tuxedo Mask)
3 Oak (Coming up with something new to help like Luna and
3 Computer Search (Silor Mercury searching for the answer)
3 Item Finder (Can't keep a good Scout down)
3 GoW (The Scouts tend to be blown around by gale force winds)
3 Lass (Young lady just like the Scouts)
3 NGR (Much like the Scouts that get the second wind, so to do
pokemon and energy.)
4 SER (Makes the other pokemon more susceptible to
the Scouts

Energy: 20 (Even the Sailor Moon CCG has energy)

8 Lightning
8 Fire

  Well, that's a cool interpretation. The GoW joke is SO true. Boy,
a stiff breeze is their worst enemy sometimes. I guess Mercury is
best associated with that Computer of hers. Hmmm....

      This one is from Sam Yurick,

   Hey Crash,
   Here's my sailor moon theme deck.  It's sort of a
trap variant since Cassady looks like a sailor scout.

Sailor Moon
3xClefairy (Came From the Moon)
4xDitto (Has a vacant expression most of the time like
Serena, adapts when things go bad)
3xR. Scyther (Quick like tuxedo mask, appears from the
shadows with shadow move)
2xLeauge Promo Evee  (Sort of a kitty/squirrel thing
like Artemus with foil behind him)
3xLass (looks like a sailor scout)
4xTeam Rocket's Trap (Another Sailor Scout look-alike)
4xRSA (More identical sailor scouts)
3xImposter Oak's Revenge (The sailor scouts fight an
evil professor)
3xSuper Energy Removal (Destructive like sailor mars
and even had a red background)
4xItem Finder  (Looks like it could be bent into a
4xCPU (I think Serena has a P.C.)
4xBill (Tuxedo Mask with an afro!)
4xOak (It always helps to have a good professor)
4xDCE (Speed)
4xFull Heal (I think one of them has healing powers)
7xGrass (Roses [like tuxedo mask has] have leaves)

Enjoy, Sam

      I simply chose this one because I dang near busted my seams
while thinking about Tuxedo Mask with an afro. (Who's That? It's
Max. He's one mean mother...Watch yo' mouth!  I'm only talking
about Max...I can dig it.)

         The last deck is from Nigel,
Nigel has some nice interpretations of the cards themselves.

 Here is my version of the Sailor Moon Theme Challenge that you
put out.
Under every card, I wrote how I feel it relates to the show.  Hope

Sailor Moon Water/Electric/Fire/Colorless

Pokemon (20)
3x  Erika's Clefairy (Gym Heroes) <Serena>
    Before she became Sailor Moon, Serena loved to watch the
moon.  The
attack  Moonwatching works for it.
2x  Erika's Clefable (Gym Heroes) <Sailor Moon>
    AFTER Serena  becomes Sailor Moon, she gets some really
nifty Moon-
    attacks.  Moon Impact represents this.
3x  Porygon (Team Rocket) <Tuxedo Mask>
    Tuxedo Mask has some uncanny knack for finding the
weakness of any 
opponant, just like Porygon's Conversion I attack.
3x  Team Rockets Meowth (Promo #18) <Luna, the cat.>
    Whenever the Sailor Scouts are in trouble, Luna seems to help
have a
    Miraculous Comeback.  And Meowth is a cat, too!!!
4x  Lt. Surge's Magnemite (Gym Heroes) <Sailor Jupiter>
    Sailor Jupiter uses the Jupiter Thunder attack, so Thundershock
fits her.   And she is also an excellent fighter, and the Lt.'s Mag
has a
nice Tackle attack.
4x  Squirtle (Base) <Sailor Mercury>
    Sailor Mercury uses a Bubble attack, so I chose the base set
When    she isn't in Sailor uniform, she is relativly shy.  Withdraw
4x  Charmander (Base) <Sailor Mars>
    Sailor Mars loves her Mars Fire attack, and I think that the
on  Charmander.

Trainers (13)
3x  Lass (Base) <The Sailor Costume>
    Lass is wearing a simalar costume to what the Sailors wear, so I
that she    would fit in.
3x  Challenge (Base) <Fighting>
    I think the Challenge card represents all the fights that go on in
show.  Its a    given, I think.
4x  Potion (Base) <Moon Healing Power>
    Sailor Moons magic can heal her and her teamates, and any
one else for
that    matter.  Potions work for me!
3x  Bill (Base) <Darien>
    This card represents Darien when he isn't in Tuxedo Mask
costume.  He
always  manages to get the Scouts what they need.

Energy (24)
7x  Fire
7x  Water
7x  Electric
3x  Double Colorless
    (These give the Scouts that little extra energy that they need in a

There isn't really a stratagy to this deck.  Its truely just a Theme
plan on trying it out a bit just for kicks, but I hope the theme works
you!  Thanks for your time! 


   Dang Nigel! You actually put some thought into this! You sure do
know the personalities of each Scout well and found cards that
match nearly to a tee. Good job!
    Well, that wraps up this weeks Theme Challenge. There were no
bad decks this week, of course there weren't any last week either.
Every deck had a unique approach and I liked them all a lot. Look
out for a new one next week. Who can say what the topic will be?
Well, I can, but that will have to wait 7 days. Until then!
                               Good Luck!!
                          Dr. Crash (Tomoe) Landon