Wow. Longtime viewers of the Shrink Tank will have noticed
how I always end my fixes with the phrase "Good Luck". It should
come as no surprise that I am a firm believer in the forces of luck,
serendipity and fate. Every now and then, coincedence will throw
you for a loop. My mind is STILL reeling over Saturday. Alow me to
      I was awoken Saturday the 14th at 11 o'clock in the morning
by my brother who had stopped by. He was nice enough to bring in
the mail. Well he yelled "Mail Call!" at me and flung an envelope
onto my chest before heading out to the kitchen to eat all the food.
      When I opened the envelope, I found inside a check for $600.
Not bad. Money is always a nice way to start the day.
       An hour later, after breakfast and a shower, I checked my e-
mail. I had received a notice from a local charity organization
saying that I'd won first place in their recent raffle last week. I had
taken the prize of a $250 gift certificate to a big department store, a
year's membership to the local Health Club and all the furnishings
for a World Series party to be held for myself and 11 guests at a
local sports bar. WOW. Talk about surprises. I'd only bought 2
tickets for the raffle.
       At the supermarket later on that afternoon, I ran into a friend
from my days back in High School 6 years ago who had just
graduated from law school. He was moving back into town with his
fiancee after buying a house. He wants me to come over for his
housewarming party and just to catch up.
       I had to go to a local college for a monthly event that night.
Things were kind of going to heck, but I managed to be in the right
place at the right time and kept a lot of stuff from becomeing
completely unmanageable. A lot of people were thankful, but I just
bowed out of the spotlight and carried on. I don't need any ovations
or anything.
     Afterwards, a group of 30 of us or so decided to hit a popular
Greek restaurant for a late dinner. On my way to the parking lot, I
found a 20 dollar bill on the sidewalk. Windfall! Talk anout a lucky
streak. But it gets better...
      At the restaurant, this cute girl kept flirting with me. I never
take this kind of thing too seriously, since some girls are just like
that. Eventually she asked for a pen, which I let her borrow. She
scribbled on a piece of paper for a moment, then siezed my right
hand, wrote on my palm and said "Call me.".  I was STUNNED.
     In the course of one day, I'd received a bunch of money, won a
contest with some great prizes, run into a long lost friend, kept
things in order and had a woman spontaneously give me her
      I'll never have another day like this again, I'm positive. The rest
of my life will pale in comparison to Saturday. I just know it.
      Now here's the weird part...My lucky number is 14. I was born
on the 14th of January at the 14th hour (2pm). I wasn't born on the
14th minute, but at the 59th minute. 5 + 9 does equal 14, so that
counts I think. Saturday was the 14th of October, just following
Friday the 13's full moon. I was also wearing a new pair of pants. in
the back pocket of which I found a scrap of paper which read
"Inspected by Number 14". So it was obviously the luckiest day in
     The only reason I share this is because, well, wouldn't you if
you had a run of luck like this? Two days later, Monday, I was told
I'm in the best physical and mental health I've been in since 1997,
so I'm just gonna ride this trainas far as it goes I guess. I'm just
amazed at how well things suddenly have gone.
     But that's not the reason you came here. (If it is, you're a
psychic and I want to meet you.) You came here for a deck fix. So
let's get on with it!

      This is yet another Crossover Fix. This was a deck chosen by
myself to be fixed, then shared with another Mechanic for a second
opinion. This week, Souper has the honor of sharing this deck to
revise. You can see what Souper has to say in Souper's
Sanctuary. Don't let his penchant for The Simpsons deter you
either. He knows what he's doing. He thoroughly trounced me in
Apprentice yesterday, despite my excuse that I was trying out a
crappy deck to see what could be done with it. (Not much, I'll tell
you that.) So check out his Garage when you finish mine, or
before. I can't stop you. On with the fix.

Hi Crash!
Well,this is my 1st time writing a deck to be fixed.
It's a poison deck with a new Koga twist.Try to stick to the
Well,here's the deck! POISONOUS PERIL POKEMON
3xOddish(TR) 2xDark
Gloom 3xKoga's Weedle 2xKoga's Kakuna 1xKoga's Beedrill
base,1 TR) 2xDark Wheezing 3xEkans(TR) 2xDark Arbok
1xKoga 2xPluspower 3xSwitch 3xPotion 1xCPU Search 1xFuschia
City Gym
1xChallenge! 1xItem Finder ENERGY 21xGrass Energy
poison pokemon out and poison like crazy. If needed,use Koga.
Heavy Hitter(s):Koga's Beedrill,Dark Arbok,and Dark Wheezing.

      Koga hmmmm? Well, I've been studying his Pokemon in the
past 2 weeks and I have to say I like what I see. Koga's Pokemon
have some very nice attacks and some evil status effects too. I
think you could probably make a very cunning deck from his
Pokemon, with a little help from some non Koga Pokes too.
     I'm doing Prop15-3C fixes this week, to show people that it's
not hard to change gears and build decks within a limited
environment if you need to. It's very possible that Prop15-3C will
become a mainstay in Pokemon, so we need to adjust as fast as
possible now.
     Pokemon: Koga's Weedle, Kakuna and Beedrill are fierce to
say the least. None of them suck. Koga's Weedle is standard for a
Grass Pokemon, nothing great, but it could be far worse. Koga's
Kakuna is really good. It can do a Toxic type attack for one Grass
Energy and can instantly become a Beedrill the same turn it
evolves. How's that for speed? Koga's Beedrill has a great all or
nothing attack for 70, enough to wipe out many BBP's. Nerve
Poison is a great attck with dual status effects for just 2 Energy
and still deals 20 damage to boot. Free retreat and above average
HP for a Beedrill make it a superior Pokemon.
     I do not like the Dark Weezing, or any Weezing for that matter.
They all hurt your bench or sacrifice themselves. So I'm going to
pull out the Weezings and Koffings.
     However, Dark Arbok is good. Who can say no to automatic
Poison and some pain to the opponent's bench in the same
attack? I can't. Lower HP isn't that big a deterrent since the
benefits of Dark Arbok outweigh the drawbacks.
      You'll need a bit of Colorless support and some Basic power to
help these guys compete though.
      Well, there's no better Grass Basic than good ol' Scyther. If
you need to ask why he's so great, you should be playing Tiddly
Winks, not Pokemon.
      For Colorless Support, you needn't look further than Ditto. His
versatility becomes even greater in the new environment. Several
DCE will make him able to instantly compete with any opposing
Pokemon in the game.

     We've only got 15 Trainers to work with, so we need to choose
     Professor Oak is The choice card to replenish your hand.
Always was. Always will be too. It's the most potent card in 15-3C
     Gust of Wind will keep Fire and Psychic Types on the bench
where they belong so you can continue to lay down the pain.
     Computer Search and Item Finder are twice as effective as they
once were, since you can't rely upon your card drawers to get more
cards for you all the time. Item Finder is equally needed to get
back the few Trainers you're allowed to have.
     Lass is even more effective in this format since you can choose
a time when you're not full up with Trainers and then rid your
opponent's hand of any he may have. With only 15 Trainers around,
odds are strong your opponent will really miss what you make him
give up. You won't miss it though.
     Koga is a great Trainer to have in a Koga Deck. It can
guarantee Poison no matter how poorly you flip and makes even
Weedle a threat. Besides, in a Koga deck, you kind of expect
Koga. Even if the opponent knos he's coming, they can't do much
about it.
     Master Ball is also effective in this format. Now that the
emphasis is definitely on Pokemon, getting them into your hand is
a must. Master Ball doesn't guarantee a Pokemon, but the odds
are so strong, you'll almost never get nothing for playing it.
     Stadium Cards will still be a major force as well. This is why
you should stil have a couple to aid your cause. Fuschsia Gym is
all right, but there sin't an overwhelming amount of Koga's Poemon
in this deck now, so we can put in something better. Whether
people will believe the expert or not, Wigglytuff is still a big threat.
So Narrow Gym is a must have if there are no better Gyms
available. Narrow Gym is a good card to have in this deck to keep
Wigglytuffs down as much as possible. They hurt....

      Lastly, we'll need Energy. Grass is the obvious here, but some
DCE and Full Heal Energies are also in order. Maybe some Potion
Energies too since Ditto or Dark Arbok may become low in life.
       Let's see the new lineup.

          3 Koga's Weedles
          3 Koga's Kakunas
          3 Koga's Beedrills
          3 Ekans (TR version)
          2 Dark Arboks
          3 Scythers
          3 Dittos
          3 Professor Oaks
          3 Gusts of Wind
          2 Computer Searches
          2 Item Finders
          2 Master Balls
          2 Kogas
          1 Narrow Gym
          3 Double Colorless Energy
          2 Full Heal Energy
          2 Potion Energy
          18 Grass Energy

         And Voila!! (That's French for "No Soup for you!!") This deck
can deal some nice damage and surround the opponent with
debilitating status effects. It's got weaknesses spread around so
that neither Fire nor Psychic is dominating totally. Ditto is easily a
clutch card for all it can be. It's very possible to have a second turn
Beedrill out with the right draw and a lucky coin flip. That will keep
your opponents off your back for sure.

          Well, I'm off to go call that girl again. I'm not the most
experience man in terms of romance, so I have to do all I can to
learn and not screw up. My luck won't hold out forever.

                 Good Luck!!
             Dr. Crash Landon