Lalala, oh wow. Where does the time go to? I don't have much
time to go into all kinds of semantics and tangents in this fix, so I'll
skip the appetizer and get right to the main course.
     It's Week 3 in the Crossover Fix Crusade. That's right, whenever
you see a deck fixed by one Mechanic, you can rest assured that
another Mechanic has also taken a crack at bat on the same deck.
Well this week is just more of the doubled up fun.
     This deck, aside from being fixed by myself, was also sent to
Kittyfox for a double-take. Be sure to see what Kittyfox has to say
about this deck in Kittyfox's Key Foundations. But finish reading
mine first, okay?.

Here I am, only a few minutes late for my appointment. Here's my

4 Erika's Bellsprout L.12 (here for weepinbell)
3 Erika's Weepinbell L.30 (auto sleep and poison rocks!)
2 Erika's Victreebell (heavy hitter)
3 Erika's Oddish (20 damage and poison is good)
2 Erika's Gloom L.28 (combine with Celedon Gym for auto
confusion!) 4
Erika's Dratini (great against haymaker)

4 Bill (2 free cards? I'll take it!)
2 Prof. Oak (bad hand begone!)
4 Energy Removal (I'd go with the super variety, but I'm already
discarding enougth energy) 4 G.O.W (K.O a weak pokemon) 2
Erika (wow,
3 cards!) 2 Erika's Maids(get out those evolutions) 2 Erika's
Perfume(works well with G.O.W or fragrance trap) 2 Celedon City
Gym(just in case my own pokes get confused or something)

20 grass N.R.G

 I was wondering if you could fix this deck up for
me. It does all right, but I'm looking for improvements. The stategy
here is to use status effects to mess your opponent up, and then
out a big hitter to clean up. Thanks for helping, and being the
funniest deck mechanic.

Damon Martin

      Yay! An Erika deck! I was impressed by Erika's Pokemon in
Gym Heroes. Not a single one of her families sucked. Not like
Misty's Goldeen and that lame excuse for a guppy, Misty's
Seaking. Every one of Erika's Pokemon families is worthy of being
in a deck.
      I see you have chosen the Bellsprout/Weepinbell/Victreebel
and part of the Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume set.
      I have done a lot of comparing of Erika's Pokemon in
preparation for this fix and i'd have to say that out of all her families,
I feel that the Vileplume and the Exeggutor have the most to offer.
      The reason is that Erika's Oddish is a decent healer while still
doing damage. Erika's Glooms can deal some major status
damage while still pouring on the beatdown. Erika's Vileplume has
a great attack that keeps it in the game longer, not to mention a
positively debilitating Pokemon Power.
       Erika's Exeggute, well the good one, has a nifty Eggsplosion
attack that can hurt in higher amounts and an unexpected Psychic
attack, which punishes those heavy Energy behemoths. Erika's
Exeggutor is really where this family gets good. Psychic Exchange
is the king of abusable attacks. Shuffle your hand into your deck
and draw 5 cards? Just 1 Psychic Energy for that???? I'll bite,
sure!! Let's see, I've got a Grass Energy and an Oddish in my
hand. They aren't helping me. I'll use Psychic Exchange and get 5
new cards, Trainer free????? OK! Plus it can hurt for a fair amount,
       I do approve of the Erika's Dratinis. They make a nice wall in
the event of a Fire attack. They may not last that long against a
Fossil Magmar which can deal damage in increments of 10, but
against most other Fire baddies, it should fare well. And against
those pesky Hitmonchans and Scythers?? Piece 'o' cake.

         So I'd suggest using a combo of the Vileplume family and
the Exeggutor family.  One can easily support the other and vice-
versa. This team can make for a lethal duo.

          So now we need to make sure we've got some Trainers that
will keep you in the game. This is pretty easy actually. I've actually
got a nifty little combo in mind too.

           First, the Bills and Oaks. I'd still put the normal three Oaks
into the deck. They're instrumental in the early game for setting up
your side. Later on you can choose to ditch them or shuffle them
back into the deck with Erika's Exeggutor.
          Next is a pair of Computer Searches. I'd think before going
over that amount. There will be plenty of other ways to get what
you need in this deck.
          Of course, Gust of Wind goes into any deck you can make.
i know Erika's Victreebel can duplicate this Trainer, and that's cool,
but it's like watching an Elvis impersonator. There's just no real
substitute for the authentic item.
          Of course I'd be a fool to not suggest a trio of Erika's
Maidens. This card gives Erika decks such an advantage, it's
scary. This makes getting those Vileplumes MUCH easier once
you need them. And it's dang near impossible for an opponent to
remove a Pokemon from your hand once it's there.
           Place in some Nightly Garbage Runs and a couple Trash
Exchanges. This combo will become broken in tandem with Erika's
Exeggute. Since you're not using Trainers to draw cards at times,
you can get extended use out of your discard pile by putting
needed cards back in with NGR. Trash Exchange is nice when
you've used up a lot of Gusts of Wind or NGR's or something.
When used with Erika's Exeggute you have a potential loop with
the Nighty Garbage Runs.
            You should put a few of those Celadon City Gyms into the
deck. It's not the best City Gym, but it will give you an advantage if
your Glooms confuse themselves or you receive any other nasty
status effects. Plus it will remove those cursed Stadium cards your
opponent plays and he'll get no benefit, or very little at best, out of
Celadon City Gym.
            I think some Rocket Sneak Attacks could work out to your
advantage too. This is more of an all-purpose safeguard card than
anything else, but it works well. So use it.

           You'll need a fair amount of Energy for this deck. Luckily,
you'll be drawing a good amount of cards and hopefully keeping
your trash pile low with the built in combo. So a regular amount of
energy is still good.
            4 Double Colorless Energy is a must for those Erika's
Dratinis. They'll need it to fight back.
            9 Grass energy will keep you afloat very well.
            5 Psychic Energy will be enough to assure that the
Exeggutor can use it's card power.
           I normally toss some Full Heal Energies into decks for
preotection, but with Celeadon City Gym, it's unnecessary.

               So let us view this deck now.

            4 Erika's Oddish (Lvl. 15)
            3 Erika's Glooms (Lvl. 28)
            2 Erika's Vileplumes
            3 Erika's Exeggcute (Lvl. 12)
            2 Erika's Exeggutors
            3 Erika's Dratinis

            4 Bills
            3 Professor Oaks
            2 Computer Searches
            4 Gusts of Wind
            3 Erika's Maids
            2 Celeadon City Gyms
            3 Nightly Garbage Runs
            2 Trash Exchanges
            2 Rocket Sneak Attacks

            4 Double Colorless Energies
            9 Grass Energies
            5 Psychic Energies

             And voila!  (That's French for "Oompa Loompa Doopity
Doo!")  This deck is fixed using what I feel are the strongest of all of
Erika's wonderful Pokemon. The Exeggutors are extremely
abusable and Erika's Vileplume is a mean, mean, green, beatdown
machine. The lesser Evolutions are also very strong and you can
recoup from most any loss very quickly in this deck.
             I know Erika seemed like an obvious card to put in, but
why help out your opponent if you don't have to?
          There you go. Remember to check Kittyfox's Garage and
see what he's decided to do with this versatile set of Pokemon.

                  Good Luck!!
              Dr. Crash Landon